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I write! Sometimes people pay me to do it. Sometimes people just come here and get it free. Yeah we're still talking about writing. I specialize in snarky observations and cynical yet hopeful romanticism. I am currently writing a DIY book on how to derail your own life. I have a follow up instructional guide on how to relate to all the wrong men (for women who weren't able to completely derail their lives with book one). Look for my work at Barnes and Borders. For now you can just consider me your one stop resource for what NOT to do in relationships. 

So here’s my about me…

1. I can run but I don’t, I jog. It's really more like bouncing during a quick walk. So I guess I walk bouncily!

2. I like to cook, though my kids would say that’s a lie. What my kids don’t know is that I would cook for them more if they would just once be in the kitchen when dinner was over cleaning the kitchen. 
3. I like to bake and would do it more if I had a larger kitchen. I don’t like to have baked goods around the house for more than 1 day because I can’t be trusted alone with a cookie, pastry, muffin… you get where I’m going with this. 
4. I enjoy small talk as a means to real conversation. The rest of what I had to say about that now seems a bit on the b*tchy side...
5. I truly believe people are more fulfilled by frequent small gestures than random grand gestures. 
6. Someday I would like to say that my husband is my closest friend…. First I’d need a husband and secondly and more importantly… Aside from my kids, the most important people in my life have always been and will always be women. Any time in my life when I’ve been down, it’s been women who kept me from stepping off the ledge, rubbed my back when I cried, showed me how to laugh at myself, taught me how to move forward, and helped me bury the bodies.
7. I smile... damn near all the time. It sounds cliche, but there's always someone having a worse time of it than you. Your smile can be the one bright spot in someone's day. If nothing else they will just thinking you're freakin insane and be thankful they aren't you. What's it hurt?  
8. I practice psychology without a license. You are probably my patient.
9. I believe there is always something better out there, it's just a matter of deciding if you're ambitious enough to go after it. I'm usually not which is why I have stayed with the wrong men for so long, in jobs I despise, and in a city I hate 6 months of the year.
10. Half the battle is knowing who you are. The other half is being able to accept it. The other hal.. hold on... ok moving right along... 

So you were hurt by someone and it really sucks. Your level of trust is destroyed. You wonder what the point is in ever loving again.... Well congratulations, you've finally felt what most people experience shortly after puberty. There is someone out there for each of us who will see us at our worst, when our hair is a mess, when we've been crying for hours, when our breath stinks, when we've had one of the worst days ever and we're feeling bitchy, when it seems like everything is wrong and we're acting horribly... and they will love us not despite those things, but because of those things. I believe this to be true and while I've still not found it, I am finding myself. 

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