Friday, March 14, 2014

Common Core: Where Do You Stand?

I'm not exactly sure where I stand with our current educational structure in the US. With the exception of parents with children with special needs, IEPs, etc., I am struggling to decide how to be offended with the Common Core.

We (the United States) used to be a thing. In the realm of well-rounded educated students, the US has been losing ground for decades. It's almost like watching an aging prom queen or high school football star try to validate their importance with a 20+ year old crown or trophy. It doesn't, in any way shape or form, make sense when compared to today's standards.

Whether it's 'Common Core' or another standard, isn't it time we actually prepared our children to compete in a global economy? Again, I will state IEPs and special needs excepted, our students are lagging when compared to other similar countries. As parents we've done a great job of telling our kids, "You're the best. You're awesome. You can be ANYTHING you want to be." Is this actually a disservice? Confidence is one thing, but setting people up for failure when the competition is miles ahead is another.

As my kids are effectively "out of hand", I just have to ask, what are your pros and cons with regard to common core standard being implemented? What would you change?

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