Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baby, please. Let's start over.

Hi. How have you been? It's been awhile. I thought I might check in and see if you still think of me. I've been thinking of you. Some nights you're all I think about. I know I've been away awhile, and I don't want you to think it's your fault. I'm just terrible at this commitment thing. Sure, I kept up the appearance of it for awhile, but it waned... as things are wont to do.

This isn't a blogging booty call. I promise to really pay more attention from now on. It's not like I've been seeing other blogs or anything. I just needed some time to myself to figure out what I really wanted. This is the point where I beg you to take me back, you remember that you used to sort of like the way my fingers traveled over the keys, and we go back to having a real relationship. There's so much I want to tell you.

What if I promised more nudity? I'm usually at least half naked when I'm writing... except at work, ya know, because some people aren't comfortable with me sitting around the office naked and unashamed (me included). I could promise unabashed honesty, which will surely scare my family and friends who see these brief interactions. That's okay, I suppose. If they don't know me by now... (wait a second I'm launching into a bit of 80's nostalgia and singing pretty loud). Okay I'm over it. No I'm not... "You will never ever ever know me... oooooh oooooh." Okay now I'm done.

Regardless, I'm going to be back. I'll be haunting you regularly until you remember how much we used to love each other. I'm going to love you so much that you'll need an order of protection! Well, okay not that much because it's scary and realistically reading this is all on you. Don't blame me for your decisions. But I'll be naked (emotionally, you pervert) when I do it.

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