Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Iowa- Hate for the Home State

We've known each other awhile, yeah (well most of us)? So for those of you who actually know me you'll know I don't get really livid very often. Sure I get down sometimes. I even get a little out of whack, but I don't get seriously pissed off very often. Tonight is a different story.

This will be a short post. Photo enforced... just like my speeding ticket. This pretty much covers it.

That ticket has not been in my f*cking mail box for weeks. I know because I just paid a shit load of bills today and that wasn't in there. SOOOO it's been in there a day? Screw you. You suck.

Also, finish your stretch of the f*cking road. How about that? NO ONE is ever working out there. I travel that interstate all year round. There is NEVER anyone out there. Just take down all the supposed speed signs you have and put up a big ass "HERE IS WHERE WE MAKE OUR MONEY" sign. It would be easier to see and probably garner more attention, jerks.

I'm not going to actually write them, but please go ahead and assume I am saying the most filthy words about these people right now. Imagine the worst things you could say and use my voice to do it. I am completely okay with your imaginings.


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