Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Few Sexy Reasons Why Forty Isn't So Bad

Forty--it's the year you officially become middle aged, wrinkle creams suddenly seem attractive and you realize your butt just doesn't look like it used to. Aging; fun, right? But while the media typically wraps up aging women with a negative connotation and pushes it as something we should be afraid of, it can actually be pretty great.

Turning forty and beyond has it's benefits, two of the biggest being relationships and sex. Like a good wine or your sense of style, these two components only get better with age. So before you get hung up on the negatives coming with your next birthday, check out the positives.

Sexual Confidence:
As the fledgling days of your twenties are well behind you (thank god!), so too are the bedroom insecurities. At this point, you know what you like and what you want. You know what works and what doesn't. You've learned the art of speaking up, asking for what you want and letting loose on the reigns. You also have the balls now to step outside of your comfort zone, knowing that a little dirty talk, Adam and Eve toys and role playing can go a long way. Your ever growing sexual confidence will continue to bring your sex life to new heights, including...

More orgasms.
Heyo! Your sexual confidence mixed with hormone levels changing gives you access to more orgasms than you ever experienced when you were younger. While libidos are known to decrease once you hit a premenopausal state, your sexual satisfaction does not. In fact, it goes up!

Relationships and dating proved to be tricky when you were younger. You were afraid to say this, that or another in fear that it would push your partner away. Now you can drop a conversation bomb like a seasoned pro with the intelligence, confidence and empathy to match, all while cooking dinner and helping the kids do homework.

Dating used to be painful and truthfully, it can be at any age. However, if you find yourself still dating, or dating again in your forties and beyond, you can rest easy knowing that you're likelihood of dealing with boy-like traits (playing games, egos, etc.) will substantially decrease. At this point, your date will already have their life together or will at least let you know they never will. You won't have to wonder if they are the marrying kind or will want to have kids because chances are they will have already done both. And while not necessary, but certainly nice, you won't have to endure $1.50 movies and $2 beer nights, because you can both afford to take each other out on nice dates.

The rush of young love is fantastic; it's a cloud 9 feeling that nothing else can replicate. But the feeling of well-aged love, the kind you build over years of special moments, conversations and fights, is unlike any initial feeling of butterflies. So as you look back fondly at those early years, know that your love gets better, stronger and more comfortable with every year.

As your next birthday approaches, whether its a big one, a not so important one or "which one was it again," know that your relationships and sex life are only going to keep improving and age ain't nothing but a number. What else do you think gets better with age?

Major thanks to Adam and Eve's team of writers for today's article. With my birthday merely days away I plan to get every last thing on the list! Either way, I'll at least be doing a little shopping. ;)

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