Thursday, August 22, 2013

What the Hell I've Been Doing

Work. Is. A. Bitch. That's not a poem. I won't lie, there are days that I've come home and said,"Fuck it." Those days ended up piling up. I suck. Let's not dwell okay, folks? Something decent is coming. God only knows what it is, but I plan to do it by Sunday night. In the meantime, I've been over at Sprocket Ink writing this....

Drug Education Falls Short of Scaring Kids As Intended

Sometimes you need a little more than scientific fact to scare your kids about the dangers of drugs... such as ripping off their own genitals.

Being a Jerk Just Got Easier

They say that breaking up is hard to do, but that's really not true. If you were aiming for the douche angle there's an app for that! 

Billboards Confirm Atheists Exist in South Dakota

Unlike Big Foot, atheists DO exist. In order to prove this, they've created billboards and invite people to join their club! 

Toddler Photos on Instagram Mean Pink Slips for Daycare Workers

What's keeping your daycare provider from taking pics of your tots and using them for online memes? Well aside from not being able to receive unemployment, not much. 

You’re Paying For More Drinks Than You Think

When your grandpa and grandma were super nice to you it was probably because they were drunk. Just because you weren't at the bar doesn't mean you aren't paying for everyone else's drinks. 

Wife Beds Father In Law, Beating Ensues, Thanksgiving Awkward

You thought having an argument with your folks about when you're going to get your priorities straight and settle down was irritating? Imagine having this shit cloud hanging over you at your next family gathering! 

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