Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week in Review- Being the Unicorn, Music, My Electrocution, and Other Nonsense

When screwing a light bulb into a socket it is wise to do so with an alternate light source. Performing this task in the dark could inadvertently cause you to grab for the socket and shove a curious thumb into said socket. That thing is alive people. I'll have more frizz to straighten out of my hair tomorrow.

The more you know...

I expected more from my near death experience. It would have been nice to have seen a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe the light would have made it easier to see what I was grabbing. Perhaps it would have helped me find something else to grab onto when I stumbled back and made my girly shriek. The cement is hard on the old backside, y'all. This is probably my payback for asking God to show me a unicorn.

On that note, I appreciate the comments on that post even though I was a little too bitchy at the time to reply. I will offer this brief update. I decided to just be someones unicorn instead of waiting around. I'm not sure what to use as a horn. Either way, I'm going to show someone a better life whether they like it or not! Update: It's going well so far. It really is great to see someone stepping outside their comfort zone and realizing it's not nearly as frightening as they thought. The look on a person's face when they receive praise for a job well done is enough to make it worth it. Regardless of where it goes from here, I am so glad that I work for a company that allowed me to reach out to someone and offer them a chance.

Work has been a whirlwind. Following the Memorial Day holiday I had two days of work to get my new person in place and catch up on precious missed hours of productivity. Then I managed to escape the office for a couple of days and had a wonderful trip. I managed to squeeze in a little time to try new beers, new foods, new restaurants, and laugh like I haven't laughed in a long while. As exhausting as early flights are, it was productive and well worth the time out of the office.

Aside from the working and relaxing portions of my week, I spent a bit of time over at SprocketInk. Here's what you missed if you've not been there in awhile.

Real Starving Children Not Skinny Enough for Scottsdale Mom

Sometimes verbal guilt isn't enough to make your kids eat the dinner you slaved over. Consider asking a sickly skinny person to come over and shock your child into eating. 

Are you a grower not a show-er? Are you a Gherkin in a big pickle world? It’s time for the little guy to get some praise. The contest isn't until July. There is still time if anyone wants to enter!

On a final note... Ian Somerhalder is single. Just thought I should mention that because it seems pretty important.

That, my friends, is all I have for today, but later this week I'll be stopping by to talk a little about something very near and dear to my heart.... my breasts. Just kidding. I will be stopping by though. So watch out. I feel all energized and shit. It might be the Monster Lo Carb or maybe this... it's peppy!

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