Saturday, May 18, 2013

While I've Been Away: Summer, Spice, Cocktails, and Stuff

Hello my lovelies! Greetings from the land of... well, I'm not sure what the hell South Dakota is the land of. Reservations? Shitty video lottery casinos? Pasty white folks? Siouxland? Rushmore? Eh, whatever we're the land of... greetings from it! 

I feel like this is a confessional lately. Dear Readers, It's been x days since my last confessions. Work has been busy and good. There's been a lot to do, great news, new business, and aside from all of that, it's paying the bills. Hurrah! I'm sure there are a lot of people who will tell me that work isn't what life is all about, but when you have kids to feed and a mortgage it sort of is. My kids suck at camping and I don't know of a single campsite for tents that has a plugin for my straightening iron. So bite me. :) 

Last weekend I spent a couple days with the coolest people on the planet (aside from my kids). My mom, little sis, and her boys took a little time to roll down to Council Bluffs and do a little shopping, eating, and swimming for the holiday. I have to say, I have never spent time with two little ones that didn't cry the entire time. How in the hell do you get kids that are that happy? Regardless, we had a great time, though I am pretty sure my sister is a power shopper and I'll plan ahead and take more time browsing next time. 

I feel obligated to show a few pics from the weekend. Quite possibly the cutest kids in the strangest pajamas wearing the most kick ass John Deere work boots. For the record, they wore those boots all weekend, regardless of the outfit they were sporting. Apparently, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the boy out of his boots. 

Aside from my regular family/work time I managed to squeeze in a little marketing time as well. If anyone is interested in owning a little piece of British engineering, you can check out my Mom's toy here. She decided to sell her last baby, and that's cool... none of us wanted to compete anymore anyway! 
Sure, she's sportier and cuter than me, but... 

Anyway, we've reached the weekend and this is what's going on: 

1. Sleep: I fell asleep at 8:30 last night. This is weird because I never thought of myself as a loser until I woke up at 7 AM this morning, SATURDAY, wondering why I had all sorts of energy. As it turns out, that early to bed early to rise crap is true. Ugh. I got a shitload of stuff done, including new solar lights for the back walkway. 

2. Grilling: Today I bought my very own gas grill. It's a huge deal. No more coming home in the afternoon and finding out we don't have charcoal or fluid. That's right... now I can come home and say, "Who the hell forgot to shut off the propane!? Why is the tank empty?!" SWEET!  I had decided today was going to be sun, fun, grilling, laziness, vodka punch, and the like. As it turns out I might not have the tools I need to assemble. Also both of the strapping young men that eat my food and live in my house, and use my utilities, and all that jazz have to work. Add to that the grill doesn't come with a propane tank. I should read the box, eh? So tomorrow... when it's raining and still in the 80s, when it's sweaty and bothersome, when I have properly wasted my afternoon dreaming away the work week laying in the sun not giving any concern to the sun scorching me... THEN we'll grill. 

3. Music: I've realized I have a shitload of really depressing music on my playlists. I must have loaded those when I was suffering winter blues. I found myself making the "oh God just kill me" face. So instead of listening to that I've decided to play this on repeat for a bit while I dance like no one's watching and reorganize my schtuff: 

4. Spice: Last weekend I bought what promised to be spicy guacamole. It was not. Today at the store I found Wholly Guacamole Spicy snack packs. I'm pretty sure it will kill me or clog an artery, but I'll die happy. 

5. Cocktails: My friend Todd is my one stop source for new cocktail recipes. This is the newest. Might I suggest a couple of Tylenol to start? 

Parky's Punch
(mix in a pint sized mason jar)
4 oz UV Salty Watermelon vodka
8 oz Monster Absolute Zero
Note: This is a 1:2 recipe, so depending on your tolerance you might want to change it up to 1:3. I seriously recommend 1:3 or 1:4. Tasty though it may be, I'd suggest you know your place before you start drinking it 1:2. Before you know it you'll be all 1:1 and then you're going to be flat on your ass wasted and waking up naked, sweaty, and regretful. The Monster gives you more energy than anyone consuming alcohol should have. You've been warned. 

Here's another great Salty Watermelon drink! 

That's all I have today, folks. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget to play nice with the other kids. 

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