Monday, February 25, 2013

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Scorpio

You may have mixed feelings about certain relationship situations in which you find yourself. However, today's position of the planets encourages you to take some time to reflect on what you actually want. You have a tendency to get very involved in your emotions, which often makes it difficult to adopt a detached perspective and see things with clarity. Try to stand back from them today.

While I try not to put too much stock in my horoscope or the signs in general, there are certainly days when I see one that does more than just describe the day I'm already having; It goes beyond that and epitomizes exactly who I am. I'm an introverted extrovert (part of that multiple personality thing) with a nasty emotional streak. It explains so much. From everything I've read about my sign we are a great big, intense, passionate, calculating contradiction. In other words, in the emotional sense, we're a hot mess. Apparently this is why we can't have nice things.

I posted the horoscope on my Facebook account to get a little feedback from my fellow venomous creatures. It seems many of us were doing exactly what the horoscope recommended;  Stepping back, getting some perspective, and trying to put the emotions aside to look at things from a new angle.

Sometimes that perspective is hard to come by. Separating a Scorpio from their emotions is like trying to split an atom without any working knowledge of nuclear fission. We hide our true feelings much of the time, but we always have a feeling, emotion, and internal struggle while we're looking you in the eye.

I spoke with a girlfriend yesterday about a recent relationship decision she had been struggling with. After stepping back and looking from the outside in, she had made the choice to remove herself from the situation entirely. I could feel the pain in her words. "Knowing I did the right thing doesn't make it easier." she said.  "My heart is so guarded it will be awhile before I am able to open up again... I need to get back to my old self, bitch and all." she added. She had found perspective and was on her way to finding her inner bitch. I admire the hell out of her and when she finds her inner bitch again our inner bitches deserve to have a cocktail together!

So if you're out there right now, stepping back, looking for a little perspective, and wondering when it will all come together I'll share a little of what I've learned recently.

You can't see the right one if you're standing still with your eyes closed dreaming about the wrong one. Just like Jello, there is always room for perspective...regardless of your sign. 

On a parting note, for those of you who haven't been blessed enough to date a Scorpio, we might be crazy but I'm told that crazy can be good sometimes...

Sex with Scorpio is a total emotional and physical experience with passion and intensity. They have amazing stamina and can last all night long, round after round. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that is the most likely to act out a sexual fantasy. Most people will talk about it but the Scorpio will do it, they will fully throw themselves into the role. Do not suggest a fantasy to a Scorpio unless you plan to do it! Most Scorpios are direct and forceful and they seem to be an expert at what they do. They continue to seduce you even as the act continues. A thrilling experience not for the faint of heart! Source

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