Friday, February 22, 2013

Personality Management

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"I'm beginning to think I can sense your mood depending upon whether Angie Hansen posts as much as Angie Uncovered." 

A good friend sent me that message the other day. He's right to an extent. Being a bit of a social media whore, I have two separate Facebook accounts (personal and blog), two Twitter accounts (personal and blog), a LinkedIn account, a Klout account (measuring my personal FB and my blog Twitter), and I think if I look hard enough I could find my old MySpace page. These multiple accounts are a very good indication of my split personality. It's not diagnosed, but it's there.

My personal account is a bit more tame. My family is there. I try to monitor the content on that account to prevent "those people" from seeing my more inappropriate thoughts and conversations. So perhaps my friend is right, if you see most of my Facebook activity happening on the blog account... it's probably a good indication that I'm letting my slip show a bit.

If you happen to follow me in any of the above venues you're probably thinking, "She has a filter? Huh. Must have big holes in it." You're right for the most part. Much of the time I don't feel unsure enough to censor myself, sure, but it's probably not all that's going on inside my head.

Trying to manage two personalities is hard enough. The third one is becoming a bit of a pain though. She's the one very few people get to see. She's got a very open heart, sometimes she laughs too loud, she cries on occasion, she gets her feelings hurt more than she likes to admit, and she keeps it to herself. She seems to spend more time at the forefront during these cold winter months. SAD is a bitch.

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