Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Desperately Seeking Some Inspiration

A few days ago I was talking with Damon from The Six-Fingered Monkey about a post I was writing for SprocketInk about accidents that happen when you're removing the hair down there. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were playing "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". Posts. Show me your post! Get your mind out of the gutt..okay keep it there for a second.

I showed Damon mine. So Damon showed me his... Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire! It's a touching story of a man and his balls and a requested refund on a hair removal product. Immediately I realized I'd read this story before. Last year my friend Brett from over at It Was Dark, Stormy and I Lost My Serial Comma showed me his post (insert wiggling eye brows every time you hear "post") about his advice to men on their grooming habits. One post happened to link to another.

We laughed about our shared story lines, discussed our shared friend, and argued about who really got to call Brett, "my man". Damon had me in the amount of time category. Apparently they have been bromancing for years. For a split second I felt like I might have lost the competition. I'd considered saying "Yeah? Well.... " but had a strange feeling Damon would only have responded with "Me too!" I verified it. He did.  My guys are awesome. They can take any joke and make it worse. You have to appreciate that.

It got me to thinking, where do people get their inspirations for posting? Yesterday, Brett said, "Yikes, I read this and then saw a post on another blog titled I. Am. Itchy. Not the kind of karma I like! I came back to add that the next title I saw was You're Rubbing Me the Wrong Way. Everybody seems to be on the same topic today." I see a lot of great pieces on my blog roll and on Twitter, but between work and home I often feel like my brain is on hiatus.

It seems that many people get their inspiration for posts from the same place, or we've all been spending so much time together in this blogging community that we're regulating our blog cycles. So tell me, how do you choose your topics? Where does your inspiration come from?

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