Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday, Status Changes, and Sushi

I've had a Facebook account since early 2008. Aside from a brief period of time when I was listed as in a relationship with myself, I have avoided the dreaded status change. This is not to say that I've not been in a relationship over the last 4 years. I have, but as it turns out I'm not very good at them. 

I have had condiments in my fridge last longer than some of them. Sure, it sounds disgusting, but let's be real. Everyone has either a jar of pickle relish they thought they might eat once or some freaky ass hot sauce or marinade that they used one time and it has migrated to the back of the bottom shelf. I think right now I have some 4 year old buffalo wing sauce, a jar of pickle relish, an Asian inspired marinade, and some stir fry sauce in there for sure that have outlasted all of them. 

When I broke up with myself on Facebook I made a huge spectacle of it. I was a horrible partner. I never complimented me, never took me out for nice dinners, failed to spoil myself once in awhile, and rarely if ever did I feel like I was really in love. The sex was non-existent and so was the affection. The most I ever did with myself was talk, and usually not kindly. So I got out. 

Still, I felt like I wanted to try again. I just wasn't sure when it would be right. Many nights I cried and wondered, "When will it be my turn? When will I find someone I can have a Facebook relationship with? When will I finally change my status?" Then Wednesday night a miracle happened. HE signed in. 

It started out innocently enough. We exchanged our standard, "hey, hi there, how are you, what's been going on, kids good, family good, getting a burger, it's late, hey do you want to be in a Facebook relationship?" messages. So we did. So we are. And ya know what? We're doing pretty good with it! It's Saturday and things are still humming along nicely. Almost 3 whole days. 

So monumental that I framed it. 

Sure, maybe he prefers blondes and I prefer Asians. So what? We have a lot of mutual friends. We both really like ourselves each other a lot. We've been friends for years and he lets me rant and ramble all I want and never cuts me off to tell me how ridiculous I sound or how something doesn't make sense. The conversation limit is hats. I am not allowed to talk about hats. I'm not sure about that, but we'll see. 

Also, on a non-related note, I convinced my son to go eat sushi and sashimi with me today. I bribed him. He saw some cooking show the other day where a person fried ice cream and he's a glutton for that sort of thing. As it turns out Tokyo Sushi and Hibatchi does a fried ice cream so I executed my plan. 

He could choose one cooked roll, but he had to at the very least sample the spicy tuna roll, the yellow fin sashimi, and the rainbow roll. Which he did, then proceeded to eat half of everything. As it turns out, this might have been a bad idea. That boy can put away some food and sushi is sort of pricey. It will be awhile before we do that again. 

After lunch he asked me to buy him some razors and shaving cream. Apparently he feels all grown up now. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do... okay do a lot of things I wouldn't do because frankly, I'll just be cleaning house and working out and that is sort of boring. Email me the details. 

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