Monday, June 4, 2012

Your Village Called: Tide! It's not just for breakfast anymore!

Parenting is a tough gig. You spend a good portion of the first year being crapped, peed, drooled, and vomited on and that doesn't even come close to the discomfort you feel when you are sleeping less than you've ever slept in your life. It's not easy, but when you put your thing in someone elses thing or let someone put their thing in you it's a risk you take. Things are like that. Always getting people in trouble. I won't go so far as to say that you did it to yourself, unless you've adopted or turkey basted yourself into this situation. Either way, parenting is a choice. Watching the kids is your job. 

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Recently during our afternoon office chat a co-worker mentioned a news blurb he'd seen regarding Tide Pods making kids sick. My first reaction was, "Was there any doubt that eating detergent is not good for you?" Apparently there is some disconnect between my way of thinking and that of the average bear. Am I the only one who simply assumed detergent wasn't safe to consume? 

Amid claims that the detergent giant has created a product so colorful that it's easily mistaken for candy and that the current container resembles a candy jar, Tide is changing the container to make it child proof. You know what else would be a big step in the right direction? Putting it on a high shelf, putting it in cabinet with a child safety lock, or better yet... watching your damned kids. 

When my children were small I had child safety locks on the cabinets that held poisonous chemicals. I also had child safety locks on cabinets that held pots and pans because when a child is allowed to play with a metal pot there is nothing to save you from insanity, but that's beside the point. I didn't let my children play with things that could harm them. 

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I buy the individual use detergent packs for my laundry and for my dishwasher. Neither of these containers are childproof. Many detergents have tropical or fruit fragrances. Liquid dish soap is regularly lemon scented and brightly colored. I've yet to see a child safe bottle of dish soap even though there are many claims that dish soap can cause serious diarrhea. 

What about the big bottle of Mr. Clean Apple Berry Twist? It looks like fruit punch and has a picture of fruit right on the front. It's obviously scented to smell like fruit. It's also not childproof. They've even given it a tasty sounding name. How long before we see an article calling for Mr. Clean to childproof their bottles? 

Let's be realistic. That Tide Pod didn't taste good. A child that has gotten to the point where they actually consumed the product was NOT being watched. Would you leave your child alone with a BOX of powder detergent? No, because you don't want them spilling it all over the place. Would you leave them alone with a bottle of floor cleaner? No, because you don't want them spilling it all over the place. Would you leave them alone with a bowl of Tide Pods? Yeah, why not? At least they can't make a mess with them, right? 

Unfortunately we have a generation of parents that cannot take simple responsibility for watching their own children even when the result is far more serious than spillage. It is not the job of any product creator to child proof a package that you, as a parent, should know full well is dangerous to your child's health. Tide wasn't around when let your brain fall to your pants to make that baby. It's not brain surgery people. You had them. You watch them. 

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