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Wag Vs Angie: May-December Romances

Welcome to Wag Vs Angie Season Two. When we last left our odd couple of the blogging world, they had a topic and some delays. Let's blame Angie. She's incredibly irresponsible and sidetracked. She can't be trusted to turn in assignments on time. So last week's topic is now this week's topic. Without further delay and before I, Angie the Irresponsible, see a squirrel or something shiny and on sale let's get down to business. As usual, I have no idea what Shane has to say about this. You can find out when I find out. He's over here... WagtheDad.

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It would be impossible to think of an Odd Couple without thinking of Tony Randall. In recent years, it is impossible to think of Tony Randall without noting that his second marriage put him the hall of fame of May-December romances. In 1995, Randall married a woman 50 years his junior, and before his death in 2004, Mr. Randall and his former theater intern turned blushing bride had two children.

The May-December relationship is very common. The practice of men marrying younger women has been widely accepted for centuries. Aging men who desired a young fertile woman to bear children are chronicled throughout history. As time passed and the psychology of the male and female minds became of greater interest, it was often noted that women mature mentally and emotionally at an earlier age than their male counterparts, offering another merit to these relationships.

It's not new. It's not uncommon. It's quite popular in Hollywood and wealthy circles. I wouldn't necessarily say it works for Hugh Hefner, but then again I suppose it works just fine for him, though not as well for his Playmates.

So when does it become "weird"? I suppose, by today's standards, it becomes unpalatable when you see a situation like Doug Hutchinson (of Lost fame) and his nubile young wife Courtney. Hutchinson married Ms. Stodden when he was 51 and she a mere 16 (fifteen when they began dating with her parents approval). While the age gap is smaller than some mentioned above, he practically snagged her off the sidewalk the moment she took her first bicycle ride without training wheels. Maybe it's just my opinion, but when the romance begins before a person is done physically developing there is a problem. To say that someone such as Ms. Stodden was Hutchinson's emotional and mental peer or superior does not make it right... it makes him inferior.

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So now that we've established that I think dating people who have yet to reach the age of consent is wrong and unhealthy, what about the other side of the coin? What about when the woman is the older partner? How is that different and why isn't it more prominent? It worked for Demi and Ashton (for awhile). It even works for one of our fellow bloggers and her husband of many years. My cousin is set to marry a man 7 years her junior in a few weeks. My best friend growing up married a man 5 years her junior just a couple of years ago. It worked for Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. It could work for more people right?

Personally, I've never played the role of the cougar. I've only ever dated one person younger than me, and even then only by a couple years. We were both in our 30's already, so I don't suppose that really counts. My other relationships had 7, 12, and 13 year gaps, with me always being the younger person. So why not? What's good for the goose...

Maybe I should start sharpening my cougar claws and looking for some hot 20 something to test the theory. Maybe.I.Will!

Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you? 

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