Friday, April 27, 2012

Kissing my way across the UK: Conwy

Denbigh Castle, Denbigh, Wales
In case you think you missed something, there was no kissing in Wales, because the Welsh are anti-lip action we had no cab driver for that leg of the journey. Our friend Chas had made a point of taking a little time off to cart us across England and into Wales to do a little sight seeing, and I totally would have kissed him because... well he's cute as heck (and heck is really cute), but alas! He is happily married and I wasn't interested in breaking into the home-wrecking business while on vacation. Nevertheless we had a fantastic time, and I had my first proper fish and chips meal in Conwy.

We've covered Liverpool, where I was kissed by a stranger while I slept like a sweaty homeless bum on the steps of a church, Belfast in which the lively trio took pictures of the goodies inside their shirts and I wore my panties on the outside of my clothes, and Edinburgh where I kissed my friend Gerry and basically robbed him of the shirt off his back by swindling him with kisses and promises of partial nudity.

Since there was no kissing happening in Wales and no scintillating tales of sin for your voyeuristic pleasure, I would love to take a few moments to talk about what makes kissing so damned great. EVERYTHING.

When kissing is done right, it's the pinnacle of romantic expression, whether it's short term or long term. There will be people who tell you that sex is the end all be all of the physical romance world, but I think it's got to be that moment when your lips meet and your tongues dance that tells the true tale. If the kiss isn't working for you, you can pretty much take sex off the table right then and there. Have you ever had a really bad kiss and thought, "Well maybe I should have sex with him/her to find out if it's worth it"? Not likely. If you had sex after a horrible kiss it's probably because you felt really bad leading the person on and were too drunk to put your shirt back on.

Reader's Digest gives a few other reasons to lay a big old kiss on someone too!

5. Kissing naturally relaxes you. For those of you who unwind at the end of the day with a cocktail, try this gift from nature. Snuggle up next to your mate or the person next to you at the bar (you lush) and get your serotonin on! 

4. Kissing keeps facial muscles strong. Your weak jawline might not be all hereditary. Maybe you're just not smooching enough. Keep up the kissing and maybe you can start lifting cars with your face!

3. Kissing burns calories! Remember how you said back in January that you were going to go to the gym every single day until you had the body of a Greek God or Goddess? You've been slacking. We all see it. It's time to get yourself a lip-locking buddy and work off that cheesecake. 

2. Kissing helps you pick the best mate. Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish. How many men do I have to kiss? My mother told me to pick the very best one and you have too much spit. OUT! 

1. Kissing boosts immunity. I'm not saying you can stop seeing the doctor, or that you shouldn't worry about taking better care of yourself, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Just sayin'! 

See all of the great things that kissing can do? The weekend is here... what better time to try it out?

Our next stop takes us back to Liverpool for the last night of my trek across the lips and the countries in the United Kingdom. Hope to see you there! 

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