Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sarcasm and Intellectual Intercourse

Just an FYI, I'm all about dropping the hash tags in here today. For those of you who don't belong to the Twitternation, a hash tag is a not related to a hash brownie. It's this symbol # followed by some text. Just ignore it. Pretend you don't see them, just like I do with bills.  

I just sent a text message that said, "I'm happy for you!" As soon as it said 'message sent', I thought to myself... "Well that's really nice of you, Angie. Being happy for others is a good thing." But since I am not quite sure how I come off most of the time I decided to ask Marcus for a little feedback. I am sure as hell not texting again to say... "what I meant was...". #WhatIMeanIs

Me- Marcus, what does it mean when someone says, 'I'm happy for you'?
Marcus- Jilted lover? If it's a jilted lover it means 'Eat shit and die'.
Me- No, not a jilted lover. I just... hmm not sure how it sounds to others. 
Marcus- Oh if YOU said it to someone then I am sure there were all sorts of levels of sarcasm. 
Me- (laughing hysterically) Okay, shit. That's not how I meant it. 

So to you, dear text recipient... I didn't mean it in a sarcastic bitchy way. I really am happy for you. 

That is how my mind has been the last week or so. A piece of advice for you... Do NOT ask me for anything of importance right now. I don't have the presence of mind to give you the full attention that you deserve. Do you know why? Of course you don't. It's because I am spread so thin you can see right through me. You might be asking yourself, "Well how in the hell does she find time to blog if she's got so much else going on?" To that I can only say, "GET OFF MY BACK oh and I don't have time to talk to you about it because I'm  spread so thin." #ISST

That's not the whole truth. The whole truth would be that between my regular client's 4 projects, the extra side project, and the extra extra side project... I just can't focus to save my life. Even THAT is a partial lie. Confession time... my mind runs at 100 mph and laps me physically about as many times a day. How much of my brain power is spread thin because of work and how much is personal I don't even know anymore. I do know this much, I don't know much these days. #BrainFry

I've been trying to pinpoint where I've had the most success in focusing lately, and it came down to writing projects and conversations with people that consisted of more than small talk. My entire work day is small talk. It's short discussions on topics that do not interest me in the least. Hello, how are you, goodbye, and the rest of those pleasantries make up the bulk of my day. To be honest, I really hate small talk that just repeats all the time. This makes it impossible to give a damn about what I'm doing. My eyes glaze over and my voice loses it's phone sex quality and I start sounding like I am half asleep and not in the oooh ahhh sort of way. #PhoningItIn

I need intellectual intercourse, people. And for you... dear texter, that wasn't a horny comment either. Just a play on words. Without some sort of mental connection, I simply cannot focus. This is also why I suck at algebra. If you need something from me... don't be like algebra. #MathBlows

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