Monday, March 12, 2012

The Pencil Story

This is a collaborative piece that was passed on to me by Becca at I'm Pretty Sure That

Let’s watch creativity happen right in front of our eyes! The first and final sentence of a short story have been provided, and the rest will be created by people in the blogosphere.

Each person nominated will write one sentence, and then pass the baton on to a different blogger. The 9th person will finally link back to Kid in the Front Row which is where this started and then we will have a complete story. I have chosen Azra over at Azurahto write part 6, then she will nominate someone to do part 7, and so on, till we return to The Kid again!

1. Angela was convinced that her pencil was the friendliest pencil in the whole entire world.
2. His hue, alone, revealed his sunny disposition, and with his pink chapeau perched high on his head, the pencil gladly accommodated or cleaned up any missteps regardless of their intentions.
3. But Pencil could not be sure of Angela’s intentions as she nervously held him while scratching a check mark in the “Yes” box on the note that Becky passed to her in Geometry class.
4. Angela chewed away both her and the pencil’s nerves throughout the rest of class, leaving almost imperceptible dents near the silver cylinder that housed the pencil’s eraser, scarring him indelibly.
5. She erased and replaced the check mark more than six times during that brief period, wearing down both his once razor sharp lead and rubbery pink top, now marred with grayish matter.
10. “That’s why I’m the friendliest pencil in the world,” screamed Pencil, the pencil.

Check back here for an update on how the story goes!

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