Monday, March 26, 2012

Bloggers For Boobs Updates!

From now until April 30th (date extended), we will be accepting donations that go toward breast cancer research, offering merchandise, and posting pictures of all who choose to enter the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the event.

So how do you enter? What do you win? Good questions! 

Four Ways to Enter: 

1. Submit a picture of your tatas, breasticles, moobs, melons, boobs, etc. 
**Breasts must be covered by at least a bra (ladies) and FACELESS! Breast Cancer doesn't care who you are!
**Pictures will be posted on our Whose Boobs Picture Pages!
2. Follow us on Twitter!  @bloggers4boobs
3. Buy some merchandise! Show your support by sporting the gear!
4. Donate to the cause! (see the pretty button on the left?)

The Prize
Aside from knowing you helped make a difference, if your name is drawn you will win: 
  • A handmade scarf by Becca at I'm Pretty Sure That
  • Whose Boobs 2012 Tshirt
  • Whose Boobs 2012 Water Bottle
  • Whose Boobs 2012 Magnet
  • $25 Gift Card (your choice: Amazon, Target, or Barnes and Noble)
Let the fun begin! 

Pictures can be submitted to Bloggers For Boobs. Names will not be posted with the picture. The winner will be notified via email and announcement on this site. 

If you would like to write a story about how you, your family, or a friend have been affected by breast cancer, we would love to include that story in our event. Let us know! Look for more activities as the month moves forward.

Check out Picture Pages to see our entrants! Or go grab some gear

Are you ready to raise your hands, raise your shirts, and raise awareness? Let's get started! 

And finally, a warm thank you to the bloggers out there who have lent their voice to the cause!

Liz at Flourish In Progress @noshoppingliz
Kevin at Social Assassin @assassin_social
Becky at I'm just a girl & I've had it up to here @BexstarD

Becca of I'm Pretty Sure That
Bill of The Authentic Life
Angie of Angie Uncovered 

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