Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Are you into the group thing?

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Less than a week ago, I was staring at my friend's flip phone and laughing my head off while I attempted to text on it. How quickly our fingers forget that skill. Had I been sending the text as myself, I would have used my phone with the full QWERTY keyboard. It would have been speedy and accurate. It would have had line breaks. It wouldn't have taken 20 minutes.

Still, I'm behind the times. It's been 2 years and I still have my regular old dumb phone. This baby (Razzle Flip) was only $25 when I picked it from the "Phones That People Will Mistake For a Smart Phone From a Distance" list. It's got a sweet little MP3 flip like device, a camera, mobile web (that I can't make work), IM (that I can't make work), and webmail (that I can't make work). Aside from the fact that I make calls and text from it, I don't really feel the need to do a lot with my phone. It does make a terrific alarm clock though.

My phone is a lot of things. Smart it is not. This became evident a few weeks ago when Becca sent a picture message from her "Super Intelligent Probably Went to Harvard" phone. I viewed the picture and responded. Minutes later another text came through, this time from an unknown number. The message said, "Damn, you're a sexy bitch!" so it was obviously meant for me. It came to my phone. The sender knows I'm sexy... and a bitch, but who could it be? I responded OF COURSE. It's good to have fans, even if they have somehow managed to get your private number and message you without permission.

I won't go into detail about the misunderstanding that had taken place, mostly because it's obviously very embarrassing for the poor guy, not that I'm naming names (Bill). I mean it's not that guy's (Bill's) fault that he didn't know I was sexy, or that the message would come to me, or whatever. It's not Becca's fault that when you send a group text message and people respond to it that sometimes, even people with dumb old phones (Me) get those replies. Nor is it their fault that I am so narcissistic that when I get a message telling me that I'm sexy I am all over it without ever thinking, "Hey, I don't know this number... it might not be meant for me!"

This probably explains those freaks who have been texting me over the last two years. Maybe I don't have a stalker after all? I can also eliminate a few times when I wondered to myself, "Did I have one too many and don't remember giving out my number?" I suppose it would be wise now to stop responding to those texts with, "Thanks... who the hell is this and how did you get my number you freak?!" Sorry, guy who shall not be be named (Bill).

So for all of you out there into that whole "group thing"... careful who you're grouping over there. You get old ladies like me all excited and flattered.

Have you ever accidentally sent a text to the wrong person? Email? Horror story? 

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