Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You're Sexy (What? Maybe you didn't know)

Last week on the Twitter, when I wasn't expecting anything at all exciting to happen... Jen started in on the Lionel Ritchie. I am ashamed to say that I've had to avoid massive amounts of work for a week listening to ANYTHING that could take my mind off the following:

Unfortunately, every blessed time I turn off my music my head launches into "Well, my friends the time has come... to raise the roof and have some f.... " ! I hope that I've managed to torment some of you with that  painful reminder of the 80's.

Let's move on from the flashbacks and talk a little bit about confidence, shall we? I don't consider myself overly confident. I know what I'm good at and where I fall short, but for the most part I can maintain the appearance of confidence exactly as long as it takes to complete the task and go home. From the moment I get in my car I will pick apart everything I've said, how I said it, what I should have said, whether I smiled enough, and whether or not I came across as the idiot or the savant.

What I don't worry about (anymore) is how I look. Oh, I used to. It's not like I've all of the sudden decided I am the sexiest thing to walk upright. There hasn't been a major shift in how I look for awhile. I didn't have some Tony Robbins elevator intervention (think reverse Shallow Hal). I just happened to be flipping videos to get Lionel Ritchie out of my head and I found THIS:

Yeah, I hear it on the radio all the time. Of course I sing along. Yep, if I am playing the song at home I dance. For those of you who work with me I'm sorry about the dancing in the office. I'll knock that the hell off. Yes, I dance at my desk. WHAT! Anyway seeing the video just made me feel confident as hell.

Do people really believe Ron Jeremy is sexy or is it because he was confident that he had something to offer that he could do better than anyone else (Jeeze, Angie that really makes it sound like you know what you're talking about. Good job, you)? For every body type, personality, and level of intelligence... and every single combination of those things... there is someone out there that thinks it's sexy. The next time you walk out the door, pull your shoulders back and hold your head high. Someone out there is looking and admiring. You are someone's ideal.

You're sexy... and I know it.

*At the time of this posting I have Trey Songz- Bottoms Up cranked and I believe I might be singing out loud and chair dancing.

** Becca is having a date with my dream date Bill from The Authentic Life. She has promised to fondle him for me and hopefully get a picture of him teasing his nipples for me.

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Kaloo5 said...

You had me captivated until the part about Becca getting some dude to rub his own nipples for you!

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