Monday, January 9, 2012

Is it your job to satisfy your partner's sexual needs?

Work. Ugh. Unless you have the job of your dreams, and most people don’t, you probably wish you didn’t have to go to work. Responsibilities and duties can be a real drag, right? Sometimes you take a job and after a few years you just lose the passion for it that you once had. It happens. You still go to work though... hey they have benefits. It’s pleasant enough. The coffee isn’t too bad either. 

What would happen if you just stopped doing some of your work? We’re not talking Office Space here. I mean what if you showed up every single day, drank the coffee, sat at your desk, stayed on schedule with breaks and lunch, and just simply stopped submitting your daily or weekly reports? How long do you think you could get away with it before your boss pulled you in for a little “Come to Jesus” talk?

Now ask yourself how long you can get away with that same behavior in your relationship. Sure you can say that a relationship isn’t a job, but if you’ve ever been in one you know that relationships take work. What happens when one of the parties is showing up for the coffee and the lunch and the free internet of the relationship, but has just stopped working? It’s not that they CAN’T work... they simply don’t feel like it. 

How long will that last?

What if it’s simpler than that and it’s just sex? 

Is it your job to satisfy your partner's sexual needs? HELL TO THE YES... Go on over to Wag Vs. Angie and read the rest! 

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