Friday, December 9, 2011

Slap a bow on it, cuz that's a "Rap" y'all!

Well it appears as though we've made it to the end of the work week (well for most of us anyway). Sort of shocking, isn't it? Hell, I didn't think I was going to make it past Tuesday, but here I am about to wrap your week up with a Goll Dang bow (that's right... goll dang)!

-An epic battle of Wag Vs. Angie left me all butt-hurt and bitchy and then I was insensitive and horrible and had to write a follow up email to say, "Listen, I know I'm a bitch, but... " What that tells me is that there is more to say. We do still have differences. If we don't communicate with people of opposing views and opinions how can we ever hope to understand? I applaud every single person who has been giving their comments on our weekly topics. Every week I am a little more surprised at how much two people who are saying ALMOST the same thing can find a way to debate it. It's a matter of those grey areas everyone seems so fond of seeing.

-I was essentially called old by a cashier at Walmart and decided that I am totally getting some Forever Lazy pj's next time I am at Wally World. Unattractive? Yes. Awesome? Duh! It's not like I'm wearing them out anywhere, but as soon as I saw the option to "Do nothing at all" when wearing them I said, "Angie this is SO you! You already don't do a damned thing, but you're cold when you're not doing it. WIN!"

So that's how that went down. There's a real possibility that this awesomeness will be in my possession by Saturday afternoon. For anyone I'm supposed to be mingling with tomorrow night at the Landshark Scuba party, the distracted look in my eyes isn't because of you, okay maybe it is, but I digress... it's probably because I am waiting for the appropriate amount of time to pass so I can go home and get cozy! Shut up! It comes with some awesome matching socks and a drop flap in the back. Your jealousy is noted.

-Not only did I not have to worry about boring my regular readers with my daily BS, but I was able to go torture a whole new group over at I'm Pretty Sure That! Becca came over and wrote for my blog and was far more eloquent than I. That's okay though because later in the week she had a rap-off with Social Assassin and claimed a victory. In the glow of her win, she wrote a rap for guess who... ME! We should stop playing the "guess who" and "guess what" games. I feel like I'm always the winner. Oh right, because I AM!

- Today has been beautiful, no exaggeration kids. David stopped by my desk today with a delivery from the FedEx man. Well when you get a package in the mail (and you know you don't have any warrants out for your arrest and no one is having you served) it's a pretty exciting thing. No, I won't tell you who it's from because then everyone will want to be their friend and I don't share. I will/did share some of the goodies.

My eye wandered to the pen on my desk and then back to the box in front of me. I chuckled to myself, "Ha! Tape won't keep me out!" I grabbed for the pen and stabbed the top of the box. SUCCESS! Inside was the best basket of goodies I've ever seen in my life. Cheeses, French chocolates, Italian black truffle almonds, 2 bottles of wine, crackers, cheeses from various countries in Europe, olives, cookies, and even a carving board and cleaver.

Seriously all, there is enough cheese here to stop a nationwide outbreak of infectious diarrhea! This is actually a good thing. Since the end of this post is being written so much later in the evening... we did actually as a group (five of us), eat ALL of the spring rolls with chili sauce that were planned for tomorrow's festivities and Lord knows we might be fighting distress tomorrow considering the vast amount of chili/horseradish/spices involved in the making of what should have been appetizers. It looks like tomorrow I am going to be off to the store to find a replacement treat!

Alright...I'll be back again on Sunday if the cheese doesn't work. Muah! Hey? Who loves you most? Probably me (or your mom... )

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