Sunday, December 4, 2011

Call girls and Christmas (WHAT? It's related!)

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After 3 complete outfit changes complete with changes of bras, stockings, heels, skirts, and tops I finally decided on what to wear to the company Christmas party. If there were a man waiting for me he would have been 3/4 through a football game by the time I made my way down the stairs. What I settled on was high dollar call girl with a side of "holy shit these shoes hurt to walk in but they are worth it".

As a service to those of you who aren't familiar with a typical casino floor, I would like to point out that if you're dressed rather fancy people will probably be thinking you're waiting for your next customer. I didn't mind. I smiled and shot some guys my prices and they left me alone. ;)

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Today I've decided to take it a little easier. Lunch with the girls at Grille 26  (Happy birthday, Terra) and maybe some light shopping after. Terra is the baby of our group and will be a whopping 37 this year. This is also her last birthday as a single woman. Today's lunch may include a bit of wedding planning talk and possibly some cheesecake with strawberry rhubarb compote! We might even partake in a glass of wine to wash it down. (hooray wine)

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As to the shopping, this year has been particularly difficult for Christmas. I picked up 3 gifts right away... the In Living Color box set, a Beevis and Butthead tshirt, and an Annoying Orange talking orange (don't ask). The rest has been a complete waste of time. My son wants a new iPod Touch to replace his 1st Gen that doesn't work anymore. Easy. The daughter and her boyfriend on the other hand have made this one of those years where I have to decide whether I am going to lean toward the responsible or give them mostly gag gifts because they gave me a gag list. See below:

Alex and Zach would like: 
Weaponry (throwing knives)
Lock pick set with lock picking guide

Help me out people. Is it ok for me to make a mockery of their mockery? Can I actually get them these things and call it good?

I'll be back tomorrow with a little Wag Vs Angie to spice up your Monday! Tomorrow we'll cover kissin, huggin, squeezin, another.... Not the Journey version, the MARRIED version. What's cheating? We'll find out.

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