Monday, November 14, 2011

Wag Vs Angie Round Five! Who Should Make The Most Money

Hello, kids! It's that time again. When Wag emailed me his topic for the week I couldn't help myself. I got a big smile and did a little dance. I totally won this one. Why? Because he obviously has failed to see that all things being equal... things are NEVER equal. So who should make the most money? 

Answer: The person who has the most expensive taste in non-family or non-couple purchases should make the most money.

Let’s forget the fact that Forbes published an article as recent as February of 2011, showing that women still earn less than men for the same work and performance. Many companies now support the right of fathers to take paternity leave when a child is born. If you look around the blogosphere you will see more and more stay at home dads (and oddly they seem to be getting some real praise for “sacrificing” thx Sarah L). Let’s wipe that excuse off the board. Consider the cost of childcare compared to the loss of wage of the stay at home parent and in a lot of cases the actual income loss is much lower. Many times the choice of who will stay home (if anyone does) comes down to where the loss is felt the least.

Now if you want to get psychological, many men still feel uneasy or offended if their partner makes more money than they do. Is it the need to feel in control, to have the respect owed to the breadwinner, or simply one of those things we carry forward from caveman days where a man feels he is less of a man if he is not the provider for his clan? I don’t know. 

Just as many women today feel that bringing in the more substantial income proves that we are equal and able to be independent, deserving of as much respect as their spouse. However, we’re not talking about primal factors... we’re talking about the realm of SHOULD.

For the sake of this topic, let us assume this is a dual income household. Let’s focus instead on spending. Spending the money that comes into a household is a good indicator of who needs to be pulling in the higher wage. 

Maybe you've heard horror stories from men about how their wives spent them into the poor house; Countless $300+ boots, facials, hair upkeep, treatments, and always in need of the most fashionable and trendy clothes. 

I’ve also heard of men who spend more than $10K a year on hobbies like hunting, fishing gear/tournaments, new golf clubs, boats, ATVs, and that fancy riding lawn mower for the postage stamp sized yard. 

We’re becoming more equal in the “who sucks the most” category by the year. Hooray evolution! Bring on the future!

If you are the person who has the more expensive taste, then you need to earn more money to support your habits, hobbies, and desires. It’s not a matter of the sex of the person. 

You can see what he has to say about it over here


wagthedad said...

I have to say that this week, Angie was much more eloquent than I. Of course, she had the home team advantage. On the other hand, there's lots of statistics and funny math going on in her post.

In short: I may not be as smart as Angie, but I do know what love is. And I also am possessed of a wisdom beyond my years. If not my jock size.

Whyn'cha come on over and see us some time? Angie v. Dad, people. Be there.

Angie said...

Awww Forrest! There is no funny math. My #'s are searchable, quotable, and verifiable. :)

notactuallygod said...

I hate to pull a Clinton on you guys, but it depends on what your definition of 'should' is.

Do you mean it in a moral sense, like 'everybody should be nice to eachother'?

Or do you mean it as an expression of expectation given based upon clinical assessment, as in 'given the rising temperature combined with the falling barometer we should see quite a storm'?

If it's the first, then: the people who studied the most and work the hardest should earn the most -regardless of gender, age, race etc.

If it's the latter: men
(too many advanges & expectations)

Leauxra said...

You make an absolutely awesome argument.

OK, I have to say, I think you won this round (sorry wag). Any guy that is upset that I make more money than him i either:

1) Unemployed
2) A very man who is very insecure in his manhood, and possibly a douchenozzle that I wouldn't want to date anyway.

Linda Medrano said...

When I married my husband, I made quite a bit more money than he did. Ten years later, my husband made about 4 times my maximum salary. I have expensive tastes, but his items are always a lot bigger than mine in scale and price tags. I mean, how many black BMWs does one man need?

Jen said...

Like I told wags, I don't really care who makes more but think each party should have their own account for occasional splurges or to take off in the dead of night when things go from bad to worse...not that I'd know from personal experience or anything...

Juliette said...

It shouldn't matter who makes the most money. What matters is that you're making it doing something you want to be doing which is most often not the case.

Paula said...

I couldn't agree more! That's a great way to look at that issue.

DeanD said...

Its not a matter of who should make more or less, its a matter of when will women get their due?


ipenka said...

Great post. I think this is also why if you're not on the same page when it comes to money, things can be difficult.

Resentment and problems can arise.

BabyBlue said...

Angie wins this round! Wag, Where do you live? Where I live most men are unemployed. Regardless, when I was married I was the breadwinner most of the time. I am single now because I refuse to be with a man who will not carry his own weight. I have always supported the family and I hope someday I will find a partner that is willing to carry themselves. There are many other women out there like me, we come across as bitches because we shoulder the weight alone. There is a sweet,smart,sexy, woman in me dying to come out if I ever meet someone that is willing to meet me halfway. I could care less who makes the most money.

wagthedad said...

@Angie: sure, if you "believe" in statistics and math. I suppose you "believe" in global warming, too.

I'm just a simple man. I never wanted anything more out of life than equality of the sexes, no smoking in bars, and the Ten Commandments on every street sign.

Is that so WRONG?

Angie said...

Obviously if we're discussing who should earn (as a people) the person who works the hardest and studied the most should earn more. If you're discussing this in the realm of social norm and relationships, the only way to find equality is to make each person responsible for themselves. If you read Wag's post it seems almost resentful of this social burden at times.

Amen! As to what you said over at Wag's page... I'm still looking for that guy who wants to shower me with gifts and pay all my bills. I am not sure where the other women found those guys either!

7 Black BMW's should do. LOL I've been in both positions as well. It never occurred to me to be bothered by it.

This I like best of all! I am all for equal division of household bills and separate savings accounts.

It's rarely that simple when you have more than 1 person in the equation. I wish it were!

I only say things like that because I can't afford to spoil myself. LOL Deep down I'm probably greedy.

It's turning around. Now we need to protect ourselves from growing penises. Evolution is a bitch!

Very good point. If a couple is together in the financial planning there is less resentment and each partner likely works harder to keep the balance intact.

There are good guys out there that can handle a strong woman. I promise. Go easy on Wag... most of what he says is due to a severe lack of sleep and being from the Midwest. :-D

Smoke-free bars. Check. Equality. Never really going to happen. Ten Commandments on every sign. Costs too much to print that crap but I'll let you borrow my grandma for a month or two. Carry her around with you for a bit. She's little like an elf. No big thang!

BabyBlue said...

Sorry Wag, sore subject. Maybe someday I will meet Prince Charming and ride off into the sunset...he better be able to pay his own way, either by $ or trade.

Julio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Wagthedad, Angie, I hate to be an enlarged dick-hole that greatly increases the potential for painful infections...but I just about fell asleep by the 3rd paragraph. I am a stay-at-home dad and even though I could relate, it lacked any comedic value whatsoever, nor any new, unique or insightful meaning. And using pictures that aren't funny either...again, sorry for being an enlarged dick-hole. Hate me if you must. I usually like you guys' stuff. Just not today. Maybe it's because I'm in a bad mood due to an infection in the nether-region that shall remain undisclosed.

Angie said...

This was actually meant to be friendly debate. It was not meant to serve as comedic relief. Exchange of ideas doesn't require a laugh track (unless the rules of conversation have been up ended and I was not informed). Thanks for your opinion, regardless and I do hope the infection in your nether region clears up soon.

Gorilla Bananas said...

If men had to pay their wives for sex they could justify earning more for the same job, and everything would be equal once the wives got their hooker money.

Maybe I should leave this comment on Wag's blog too. How do you judge who wins these debates?

RCB said...

Well, I'm all for women earning as much as men or more, but I'm 100% in favor of a household with TWO bank accounts. That way no one's gonna drag the other into the poor house.

Angie said...

I think most sex is a form of prostitution. Tit for tat ;) Something for something.

Usually he just assumes he won. I just enjoy the debate.


Fred Miller said...

I suck the most around here.

I spent over four grand this year on karate club fees, tournaments, and incidentals.

Angie said...

I don't want to hear you say you suck. EVER!

I could spend that much on bras, underwear, makeup, hair upkeep, stockings, and new clothes in a year if I tried. My ex used to tell me I should stop coloring my hair and stop wearing makeup. I don't believe that is a good idea, so I wrote makeup and hair stuff off as "relationship tools" LOL

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