Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boys Like Beaver (AND surprise parties)

While my mom prepared for her Celebrating Home party today, I spent time with my nephews Joel and Hayden. The best thing about time with kids is that you get to relearn all of the cool stuff you forgot as you got older. This particular lesson was all about seizing the day and making it your own. 

When Joel (3 years) noticed a cake pan his mind immediately made the connection that people+cake=party. He asked if the party would be in the dark and if it was a surprise. I assured him that it certainly COULD be a surprise party. All he would need to do was go hide in the closet until all of the ladies arrived. It would be dark in there for sure, and when the time was right he could jump out and say, "SURPRISE! IT'S JOEL!" 

Funeral, wedding, birthday, christening, or even a briss, jumping out of a closet and brightening things up with your presence can't be WRONG can it? Alright, so maybe a briss wouldn't be such a great time (for the baby). I was only kidding around. How was I to know he would take me seriously? 

Needless to say, this sounded like a great idea to him and he made his way to the coat closet in preparation for the festivities. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning and you could almost read his mind. "Everyone tells me how cute I am. I am funny, too. When I giggle they giggle. I am practically the highlight of everyone's day. This closet thing is perfect. I will bless them with the surprise of my presence. They will think it's for them, but I.AM.THE.SURPRISE.PARTY! It will be magnificent!"

In the end we didn't let him get in the closet and wait, but the plan was exciting enough to him that when Grandpa offered to take him down to the old farm to check out the "damn beavers", he felt it might be a little premature. After all, the ladies hadn't even begun to arrive and he had some surprising to do. Alas, the idea of beaver eventually won out (typical boy). 


Kaloo5 said...

The title of this post is misleading ;)

Great idea though. I hid in the closet during a baby-shower when I was a kid. I jumped out of the closet and I've been scarred ever since.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Why did Grandpa talk about beavers as if they were pests? Aren't they one of Nature's most appealing attractions?

Linda Medrano said...

I'm glad he got to see the beavers at the dam. Bless his heart! I know he wanted the surprise party so much. It just sounds so fun, doesn't it?

2peeeps said...

let's party party. +follow

2Peeeps Health and Fitness

wagthedad said...

Ah yes, the Midwestern past time of fighting with the beavers. God, that brings back memories. and some new stuff. Just recently my Dad told me about spending nearly all night, in waders (it would be interesting to see how many of our readers know what those are) in the growing lake in his backyard, waiting for the godfather beaver, to no avail.

Sniff. Beaver of all kinds is very awesome.

Azra said...

LOL! Joel sounds too cute for words. I was babysitting this weekend - amazing how those little minds work eh?

ipenka said...

Too late, the idea has been planted in his young mind. Next time, expect Joel to jump out of the closet WITH a live beaver!

Bet that would definitely surprise everyone.

Angie said...

Okay maybe a little.

Well with me encouraging him to go to the closet and Grandpa making him angry at the beavers... we might need to rethink this.

All weekend he kept says, "We saw the darn beavers. They're so darn!" I would ask him, "Darn what?" and he would reply, "Darn beavers!" LOL

Hi there!

LOL There are plenty of times we need waders just to get through a blog. I think the GodFather beaver is like the great pumpkin really. I guess I figure if we didn't try to divert the water, reroute it, sprawl into all parts of the countryside, the beavers wouldn't be pissing us off as much. :)

He's so freaking adorable! If he weren't so attached to his parents I'd just take him home with me!

LOL that would scare the bejesus out of a few people.

Fred said...

We didn't have beavers on our farm when I was growing up. Just snapping turtles. I missed out on so much.

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