Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Award Day! I'm so happy I could... blog about it!

Ladies and Gentleman, 
Today I received an honor so great that it made me realize that this blog: my "hobby", my heart and soul poured out in font, my lover, my therapist is worth the tears, agony, endless hours of Google image searches, anal retentive spell checking, falsifying of poll results creative use of numbers, and obviously giving up all hopes of ever holding a public office. Why? Because the award is the prettiest color of green! Seriously, look at it. It's brilliant. I think it would make an excellent accent color for my master bath. 

That's how these things work, ya know?
I woke up this morning and was all, "If only I were recognized for something, then... only then would I redo my master bath." 
While doing my blog stalking I stopped at WagTheDad and he was all, "I recognize Angie (not the exact words)." 
Then I was like, "RIGHT FREAKIN' ON! Free panty card from VS! Woot woot!" 
After that I was all, "What was I doing? Oh, COOL! Thanks Wag!"  

What can I possibly say about Wag (that he hasn't said about himself)? He's like a dirtier version of me (just add a penis, Adam's apple, more kids, a wife, and a house in Austria). Now that I look at it he's not as much like me as I thought.

He's cool though. He still has his Midwest common sense about him, which kicks ass. He's pervy, ballsy, irreverent, and funny as hell. There isn't a topic he won't touch, sometimes repeatedly, to the point where one might consider it harassment. He also has the cutest way of making himself believe he's always winning. You just can't help but to smile. It doesn't even bother me anymore when he emails in the middle of my day with things like, "I feel so bloated. I swear no one notices anything I do. These pants are hideous. I am never going out again. Do you think I'm a bad person? Gerard Butler is so hot!"

You should like him too. Because I said so, that's why. 

Five Things You Don't Know About Moi. 
1. I was a high school drop out. 
2. One side of my family doesn't even speak to me. 
3. Last night I counted my shoes and realized I have 29 pairs of black shoes and only wear 5. 
4. When I get a hug from one of my kids when they are hurting or sad it makes me feel like I still have a purpose. Sure, I feel bad for them but good for me. Sick, I know. 
5. I just started bawling at my desk as I wrote that and probably have raccoon eyes. 

Spreading the Love - Five Bloggers Who Deserve This Award

1. United States of Motherhood - Scouts Honor
Heather writes with heart, honesty, and humor. She's also recently come out of the blog closet in her local area. That's right... she's gone public! What are you looking for? Parenting? Married life? Food? Wine? Seattle living? She's got it. Now you have her. Check her out. 

2. So... what else? - Sarah Lindahl
I think it's the Minnesota thing. I really do. I would say she's got a MN sense of humor, but you'd go all the way to N.Dak and think I mean Ole and Lena jokes. It's not like that. There's something about the way she looks at her life and just hands it to you like, "so there ya go... do what you will. " It's like Garrison Keillor doing News From Lake Wobegon, but funnier! She's like Valley Fair and MOA all rolled up into one (did I go too far?)! Go there. You know you want to.

3. I know, right? - Jennifer Fabulous
I'm going to call her JFab just because I like it. JFab has a little bit of everything and a lot of what I love. Sass and clothes... oh God the clothes! She covers fashion, Hollywood, family, humor, give aways, art... She's like my favorite magazines without all the crappy filler. I dare you to go there (if you're a woman) and try to come away without wanting to shop your brains out. 

I fell in love with Becca awhile back and then she went and became my hero with her 1/2 marathon and Tiffany's bling. We bonded over the idea of one day wining and Skyping... and now, well now it's just a matter of time before we're both on at the same time. She cracks me up and she will do it to you too. Oh AND... She swears. I love swearing. 

Wine, food, humor, keg stands, mammograms, French maid pics? Something for EVERY.FREAKIN.BODY! I knew I'd be her blog stalker when I found out she was having a blogoffair with Sandra at Absolutely Narcissism and was a Vino Slut. On top of that, she always has a new recipe to try. How can a person go wrong? That's right.. you can't.  
So what do you five do now? Well first stand on one foot, touch your tongue to your nose, and send me $5 OR.... you could follow the rules and do the following: 

1. Compose a short dedication to the person who awarded you the award. 
2. Write a list for your readers detailing things about yourself your readers don’t know. 
3. Pass the love forward to five bloggers that you feel deserve to receive it too. 

Happy blogging, kids! 


Leauxra said...

Aww. That IS a pretty green. You and wag are both awesomely deserving, too. I think I am going to use that green for my vardo that I am planning to build for when I finally snap and become a gypsy.

wagthedad said...

I love how you managed to say all that in 1/4 of the words that it took me. Damn. I'm still exhausted. The green is lovely, I look HOT in all my pants, especially when I'm bloated, and I'm sorry I can't speak to you anymore because you dropped out of high school.

You dropped out of high school? That's so awesome. I mean, considering that you're a marketing director, right? Just goes to show you that you don't really need educayshun.

I just found five dollars. Bye.

Angie said...

I want to be a gypsy too! A real one too. Not like an itinerant. I was thinking more like pretty brightly colored caravans, palm reading, traveling... oh except I want to stay at a nice hotel.

I went to college for marketing, print and presentation and used to do marketing for MS. If I were a marketing director my site and my use of stolen google images would be so much better! LOL

Sarah Lindahl said...

Thank you! You are so sweet!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Of course you couldn't find me on twiddle, that's just a silly waste of time. Not like blogging

Thanks for the award! I'm sure I'll craft something witty that involves alcohol gone very bad.

PS There's a recipe every week, that's way it's the working woman's guide to dinner.

Azra said...

Congrats! You certainly deserve it :)

And 29 pairs of black shoes? I'm not surprised. With me, the irony is that even though I only wear 3 of my 12 pairs, it doesn't seem to stop me from thinking I need ANOTHER pair.

Rosonkefam said...

1. High school was frickin' miserable and we both know that. YOU CAN drop out and, apparently, still be freakishly AWESOME.
2. Your "good"side of the family more than makes up for the dipstix on that other side. For what it's worth, most people are trying to get that side to STOP talking for YEARS.
3. You should probably get rid of some of those black make room for many other shoes you wear infrequently. Shopping=happiness.
4. I think that feeling you get from your kids is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You didn't mention, though, that you have that feeling with happy moments too.
5. Your blog is so wonderful. It reminds me of when we were little in a way, and we talked about everything. I am so thankful that I get to peak into your brain a little each day.

Linda Medrano said...

Congratulations on the award Angie! You deserve awards and even money!

yougotsars said...

I just got here er um to your blog a few weeks ago when you went head to head with the waganator... and awe-some... I love it.. and I cray at my desk all the time, so I got your back, I'll shank a bitch without batting an eye.

Paula said...

Congrats! You are awesome! :)

Angie said...

I'm thrilled you passed it on! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. T,
I get so behind on twitter follow up that I feel bad when I do sign in. I am not actually sure why I go there anymore, but I do.

Even if I feel money burning a hole in my pocket or just want a little treat, I go right for those shoe stores. It's a sickness I tell ya! :)

Ms. Carissa,
lol@freakishly. Nice! You're so right about the good side of the family. You are making me nostalgic. Wanna graffiti something together soon? (PS. When I see them happy about something I don't want to kill them for, of course I feel all smiley! :) )
Awww Thank you! Write a book and I'll be your manager. What do you say? :) hehe

It's pissing me off, this caring thing that's been happening that makes me all sappy! I need you to shank my inner good person. No one likes her! :)

Thanks lady! Have a great weekend! You deserve it!

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