Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Working Out Is FUN! (LIE)

One of my friends texted today to tell me all the items she purchased from the store to go with her new weight loss plan. Hydroxycut Max, HCG, Vitamins, and various other tools of the dieter's world. I said, "Get some liquid acai berry. It will clean you out!" She responded, "Tried that and I shit my pants!" To which I replied, "But didn't you feel thinner after you shit yourself? Isn't that your goal?" For many of us that is indeed the goal. We want to look and feel thinner. (raising hand)

Someone out there is going to refute the next line of this post. Working out is not fun. Go on, say it. "Oh, Angie I really enjoy Zumba/Spin Class/P90X! You should really try it!" Save it, sister... or brother... or whoever you are. No one needs your positive attitude wrecking my flow, okay?

It's not fun, we all know it. It IS habit forming if not slightly addictive. It does all sorts of great things for your body. Hell, it's even good for your mental health. You will feel better when it's done. You will look better if you're consistent. But, do you know what it isn't? If you were following along you would know the answer. Fun. It's not that.

Let's take a look at the visual aid, shall we?

You can clearly see that every activity receives more "fun points" than working out. Even the activities that may involve some level of pain rated higher. So why do we do it? For many people it's a lifestyle, a habit, an addiction. If most of us could get the same results without the dreaded workout, we probably would. This is evident in the massive amount of "get fit quick" pills and plans out there. Everyone wants a magical solution to make everything trim, toned, and sexy. It really doesn't exist.

Yet, we have to do something if we're going to splurge on chips, cake, cookies, pasta, and burgers. Still, unless they come up with a way to make hallucinogenic drugs safe, you're probably not going to have a lot of fun on the treadmill or the elliptical. There really isn't a diet alcohol you can drink to make yourself giddy before you go for that run.

How about:
- hiking
- going dancing
- joining a cycling club where you go outside with other people
- long walks with your friends
- surfing
- paddle boarding
- anything you can involve your friends and family in that gets you off your ass and on your feet

It doesn't have to be a "workout" to be healthy. It doesn't have to suck to be beneficial. You don't need to tie yourself to a plan. I saw a picture on Facebook yesterday that said, "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." How true. So what's holding you back?

Friday Friday Friday!!! 


notactuallygod said...

Dear writer, that was very inspiring, positve and life-affirming. Especially the "start to be great part."


Kaloo5 said...

I was about to write list of things that are holding me back, but I wasn't sure if you preferred it in alphabetical or chronological order.
Also, my bandwidth is capped at 10Gigs, and I'm not sure how big that file would be ;)

Angie said...

I chopped her up into different personalities and the snarky, horny, bitchy ones are locked up at the moment. :p

No list necessary, smart ass! LOL
Alphabetical if you need to.

Jen said...

Yesterday I skipped working out because I had two episodes of What Not To Wear on TiVo to view. This morning I skipped working out because when I woke up my hair loooked totally cute and I didn't want to mess it up. Not sure what my excuse will be tonight. . .phases of the moon? Alignment of the planets? There must be something.

Angie said...

The only way I can make it through my daily workout is to have the TV on so I don't have to think about the fact that I'm working out. I'm going to miss fall when winter gets here! this part of the country has about 5 months of the year when it's suitable to run outside. 4 if you count the days when it's raining.

notactuallygod said...

Now WHY would you lock up the horny one? That's the fun, popular one!

Angie said...

LOL I didn't need the competition. :p

Anonymous said...

I hate working out. :P

Gorilla Bananas said...

Don't forget climbing trees, which is particularly good for the butt.

Leauxra said...

Well, we already know my views on Zumba (that fucking evil sexy dancy class that tried to kill me).

But I figure running is not "working out". Running is training. For the zombie apocalypse. It will increase my chances of survival. Every time I think of slacking off, I imagine I am being chased by zombies (the scary fast ones, not the slightly humorous shambling ones). It helps.

DeanD said...


I was going to suggest Sex should be added to the list of things to do besides exercise but then I thought, no, 2 minutes doesn't qualify as aerobic activity, not even for a guy.


Fred Miller said...

I've been snooping in my martial arts niche around the web. I love those qi gong exercises that are supposed to exercise your bowel. If I ever post an exercise video on bowel health, please come and slap the diarrhea out of me.

I like your point. It's not fun. It's necessary. I've been working out so long I don't know how to quit. Do I always feel like it? No. Haven't felt like it for over a month, actually. Still working out, though. It's worth it.

Fred Miller said...

Oh, working out beats a prostate exam on the fun scale. I don't know for sure. But I declined when the doctor put on his gloves the other day. "No. No. No," says I.

RCB said...

When I was half my age and I had half the brains I have now (which was, still, very much...), I LOVED working out. I LOVED looking at my own muscles, my six-pack, my broad shoulders, my - well - everything. Now I couldn't care less, and I can't believe what an idiot I was. I've come to realize the best way to lose weight is to walk in the rain, get ill and you will get thinner. Not to be recommended, though. I think the best way not to get chubby is to simply not buy the things that end up on your butt and thighs. I once had a girlfriend who wanted to lose weight. She kept complaining about how incredibly fat she was (which she wasn't), so I simply threw away her private stash of coca cola, as in 25 cans. It did the trick and she still hates me.

Azra said...

In term of workout material - I prefer Zumba. It's the most *enjoyable*... but see, "enjoyable" DOESN'T mean "fun". Working out is a schlep no matter what you're doing. But I was just telling my sister that maybe we should be doing things like hiking etc. *not* for the purpose of working out but just for the fun of it. Although, I'm sure if all the whacky lovely females I meet online got together, we'd lose the pounds just by laughing our asses off ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the Zumba, but not fun. It's fun while I'm doing it, but the whole thought process that is involved in getting my fat ass to that center is torturous. I sometimes I am just too tired to even go, which then I feel guilty about as I'm eating my bowl of pasta with a chaser of ice cream. I have never enjoyed working out, but it is a necessary evil. Especially because food is so damn delicious!

Angie said...

Me too dammit!

Tree climbing would firm up my ass! And the view at the top might be worth the fall?

I will remember that. Zombies behind me. Got it!

LOL Yeah I sort of came to the same conclusion.

It being worth it doesn't make it fun. Don't make me slap the shit out of you.

You're so vain... I bet you think this post is about you! :) I will skip the rampant viral and bacterial infections thanks! Good for the short term, but a deadly long term plan.

I love hiking! The only thing missing here is warmer weather. Oh... and spiders. I can do without running into them on the trail. You're absolutely right about laughing our asses off. The people I've met here are from all over and still so much the same. FUNNY!

I usually workout hard on Biggest Loser day then eat my post workout snack while it's on. I feel sort of guilty about it... okay no I don't. I am not coordinated enough for Zumba, but I loved Belly Dancing class! I am coordinated enough for THAT!

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