Friday, October 21, 2011

Say It With Snark

Halle-freakin-lujah it's finally Friday! I'm wrapping up another week of work then hitting the open road. I decided I've been thinking a little too much lately, so to rectify the situation I'm dedicating today to just frivolous fun.

I'm huge fan of snarky ecard websites, and I've probably shared a few here before. Since Bluntcard allows you to post to blogger, but not in any way that I would find USEFUL... I'm going to steal the cards my damned self and link you right back to their site.

That's right dammit! Don't forget it either, Bitch!
I know a few people that ought to serve up a slice of this!
I would order merchandise of this one!
I'm actually not letting my inner skank out to play until NEXT weekend.
This is sort of what my blog is like! PERFECT!
So true. So true. 

And there you have it. Now, everyone go out and enjoy your damn weekend because I said so! I'm not kidding.

Check in Monday for Round 2! 


mark @ yelling near you said...

Amazing find, Angie. They're all so good I don't know which one I like most. Perhaps the divorce papers. No, it's the boner one for sure.

Have a fun, frivolous weekend!

Jen said...

I freaking love bluntcards. Have you seen somEcards? Epic.

Angie said...

There were so many good ones I had to stop myself. When I first found the site a few months ago I was sending them to everyone. I might have lost friends because of it. :D

YES! I love Someecards!

Left Coast Guy said...

...And then there is my favorite card:

"A monumental douche like you could cleanse whale hoohaw!"


Leauxra said...

All right, I am ready for some FUN! Um... well, subjectively speaking.

Blunt cards are making my soul giggle. Yay!

Leauxra said...

All right, I am ready for some FUN! Um... well, subjectively speaking.

Blunt cards are making my soul giggle. Yay!

Tony Van Helsing said...

I'm working the next seven days so that's my weekend buggered. Killed the good part of my soul indeed.

Mrs. Tuna said...

I will have a fucking good weekend, you too.

RCB said...

Ouch! Women can be so cruel to us sweet men. You have a great weekend, Angie, and should you - heaven forbid - feel bored, well, you can always consider becoming The Bachelorette 2012... or not.

(Yes, of course I want you to post a comment. Isn't it obvious?)

Linda Medrano said...

These are hysterical! Too bad they all ring so true!

Juliette said...

I want them all. They're brilliant! I can think of someone for each card, I like the second to last one best! HA!

Azra said...

Hahaha... hope your weekend was great!

Angie said...

Oh the language! LOL

I need to get a whole set of post cards from the ladies collection for my posse I think! They make me giggle all the time!

Awww Tony. :( I hope you get a few good consecutive days off when the 7 on are up!

Mrs. Tuna,
I hope your fucking weekend was AWESOME! :)

I skipped the Bachelorette weekend and just spent time with the fam. Always worth it!

The funniest stuff is usually true and a bit sad!

It's difficult to go there and find one that DOESN'T apply to someone you know. They are perfect!

Yours too Azra! Thank you!

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