Saturday, October 8, 2011

He's turned into a MAN ~sob~

For the first time ever, my son has opted out of time with me to hang with the men. I am not sure what's gone on in his life that he has decided guys, combines, moving parts, and boob jokes are more exciting than me, but I suppose it's time for me to accept that he's actually male. The clincher was when I said, "You might want to change clothes so you don't get grease on the new shorts I bought you." Grandma repeated it. I encouraged him to go put on some different clothes, and he just said, "It's okay. I don't care."

The last few years have been wrought with emotion, anger, disappointment, and all that comes with becoming an adult. And that's just for me. Imagine how hard it's been for him.... being so much younger and less experienced in the world! I worked hard to help him overcome that boyish emotion that so many kids carry when raised by an emotional tsunami of a mother like myself. The poor kid didn't have much testosterone around when he was younger and it showed.

These days everything is all grown up with dry humor. If he wasn't my kid I might actually let him be my friend (it's a joke calm down). He's grown into my sarcasm, which is pretty freakin' awesome if I do say so myself. I just need to remember that he's not a girl and that his idea of a good time isn't going to be sitting around with me dishing about who he has a crush on, who is stupid at school, and where the best shopping in town can be found.

Que sera, sera! I suppose I'll just have to learn to enjoy the fleeting moments when he's willing to admit that he has an emotion and cherish the few dinners we can share where I can watch him plow through a giant sloppy mushroom and Swiss burger. That greasy drip down the front of his shirt will be enough to keep the memory of that little kid fresh in my mind.


Mrs. Tuna said...

Just wait until he grows a little more and starts tattooing himself. That's where I'm rolling with my kiddo.

RCB said...

Well, Mis Emotional Tsunami, wait until he goes out with a bunch of young ladies... he'll be wanting all the advice you can give him. (Not? Well, in that case, I can use some.)

Azra said...

Ah Motherhood. The great thing about it is that boys generally love their mothers forever. Not that girls don't love their mothers - but its generally thought that men have a special bond that not even future wife could destroy. My cousin's son is 6 years old and he already tells his mother to stop with the "I love yous" in public haha. So adorable, but in the privacy and confines of their home he sings to himself "I love my mommy" :)

wagthedad said...

Congratulations on your son becoming a man. It's OK to be his friend when he's over 18 and asking you to buy booze for him. My mom did that, which I never would have expected, and as a result I have this even deeper love for her as a human being.

Oh come on. She did it responsibly, OK? She was all "you can drink all you want, but give me your keys."

We were all "beer. heh. heh."

Angie said...

Mrs. Tuna,
My daughter keeps telling me she's going to get a tattoo, but I told her she can't live in my house with one until she can prove the deep meaning behind what she chooses to ink on herself. (I'm a hypocrite with a dolphin jumping a moon on one ankle) :-D

Talk to me. What sort of advice do you need? I can't figure men out, but I'm a little better at understanding women!

That IS the saving Grace of motherhood. If you don't brow beat them too much they always come back!

You were a Beavis and Butthead fan back in the day weren't you!?
I am learning to be my daughter's friend to a certain extent. She's still in need of guidance, but far less often than my son. I miss having him home! It's strange to not be needed as much.

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