Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call It What You Want- I actually am a bitch

As shocking as it might seem to some of you, I don't go off on long, hate-filled, ranting, curse-filled tirades very often, and rarely will you see them on this blog. I tend to save those moments for when I've had a few drinks. I love reading the various blogs I follow using curse words, in part, because I try to avoid the big ones. Obviously, I don't avoid them all together. You'll see plenty of partially bleeped words. Still, I try to maintain a modicum of decorum when I spout on my page.

You see my mom reads this. Sometimes people who know my family read this too. I would hate to be that lady who ruined the family image with her filth mouth. I've done that enough without using the amount of curse words I actually think with. For that, I'm sorry. It doesn't mean I am going to change things, it just means that I am sorry I don't always make you the most proud family out there with my raunchy humor and sailor speak.

Today though, I saw something that irked me so badly that I actually let the words flow out of my mouth, using my outside voice... while sitting at my desk at work. Fortunately, I'm working on a project that is frustrating all of us and it fit perfectly. Azra, please forgive me because I'm going to go against something I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago... I'm going to be judgmental. WITH.A.PASSION!

Welcome to the world of blogging. The land of bloggers is heavily populated by people who are amazing writers with a passion for what they do, and everyone hopes to be the next big thing. Many want to be noticed, loved,  and picked up by some publisher or PR agent so they can finally prove to the world that this isn't just a hobby. It's the written version of Hollywood. Each post is your audition tape. It's a game, a way of life, a source of therapy, it's a lot of things. It's not a charity.

Don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of charities out there that use social media and blogging to raise money. The cause is bigger than a single person. If it's done correctly, everyone benefits. If you want to build an orphanage, ping me on Twitter. Same thing for Live Strong, Breast Cancer Awareness, Rett's, and their ilk. I'm game. I don't have a lot of money. I don't have a ton of time. I do however have a sense of community and a heart for giving.

What I do not have a heart for is people who want you to help them when they have made it obvious that they would rather have fun than help themselves. You know what? I'd love to have a luxurious weekend away filled with sex and fun. Most of us would. But if you're having that... and you're broke... and you see a future far off  that includes you needing money... might I suggest something radical? Try this. GET A JOB.

I am a completely reasonable person when it comes to this. If you a single parent and have no family or friends to help you out, I can see you telling people that the only job available around you is OTR truck driving and it won't work for your family. If you're handicapped and cannot work, I complete understand. If you are able bodied and not tied to aforementioned disqualifications.... F*CK YOU.

Guess what kids, male or female there are jobs available. No, they don't suit everyone's preference, but they DO in fact put money in the bank and food on the table. If you're currently not paying your own way because you live with someone else... guess what... BONUS you can take a job that pays you money without all of those pesky overhead expenses. You might be away from home more than a day, but come on... wouldn't you be away from home if you moved half way across the country? Yeah? Okay.

There are OTR trucking jobs all over the damned place. These jobs aren't the ideal positions to take if you're planning your climb up the executive f*cking ladder, but they go a hell of a lot further in paying your expenses and saving up for moving to where you REALLY want to be a hell of a lot better than asking people you barely know to donate to your cause. What do you need? $1000? $2000? Easy mark. If you need a damned link just ask me how to use the f*cking internet, and I'll find you that job if you promise not to purposely f*ck up the interview to get the job. I won't even charge you.

My 18 y/o just lost her job and get this... she went back to ramen for lunch and the items available right here at home for entertainment. She doesn't ask me for money. I would gladly give it to her when she asks, but I see the pride in her face when she tells me what she's cut from her expenses (EVERYTHING) and how she's managed to keep her head above water.

I know a lot of people just through the blogosphere that need money. They have been through the wringer. They are doing their damnedest to make ends meet, and they are working their asses off with no breaks. Don't ask me for a sympathy vote because you won't get it. I'm that hard-ass bitch that just wants you to get a job you're perfectly capable of doing without any bullshit excuses.

Call it what you want. Call me a bitch. Call me unsympathetic. I honestly don't care tonight. There are people out there that really need help and aren't getting it... through no fault of their own.


BabyBlue said...

Well said Angie!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a link to the douche bag that needs the internet to help support him. I would like to respond to his blog and maybe offer him a one way ticket to New York where he can complain and claim hes a victim with everyone else on the sidewalks in front of Wall Street.

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Wow. Perfectly put.

I have secretly been getting irked by this lately but haven't had the balls to say it.

So, thanks.

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Oh, and your daughter? What a fine young woman.

You done good, mama.

Juliette said...

Angie, can I borrow you to come and talk to my bank manager please?!

Azra said...

Spot on. I can understand if it's circumstances beyond your control or if you're handicapped... but there's just no excuse for laziness innit. Sure, we'd all love to sit at home and wake up at 11 every morning, but the world doesn't run on love and fresh air. (How I wish it did though ;P)

Marcus said...

You know I totally agree here. Well said. Too bad the people that should see this wouldn't think it applies to them.

Kaloo5 said...

I read Azra's comment as "I can understand if it's circumsized beyond your control... "
That's when I knew I needed sleep badly!
Also, I totally agree with the sentiment. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Can't argue with you here. I've worked for 30 years and have got another 20 to go. A lot of kids today seem to think they are too special to work in regular jobs and want to either work in media or become instant managers. Oh, don't get me started.

Left Coast Guy said...

Contrary to what you said yesterday this wasn't much of a rant BUT it is spot on. Hell, I know beggars here in DC who are professional panhandlers and they work harder than some able bodied people I have come across. I'm with you: Screw them.


Jaclyn said...

Ugh. My dad is that guy. The one who wants everything handed to him. The able-bodied one who has been fired from every job he's ever had because he doesn't appreciate a supervisor telling him what to do. So he tells them to go fuck themselves. Because they asked him to do his job. Or he asks his boss of 3 weeks to borrow a couple thousand dollars. He has alienated my entire family and is currently homeless and jobless and expects his hardworking children to put him up, lend him money and deal with his bullshit. Because, in case you were wondering, NONE of it is ever his fault.

Leauxra said...

Ugh. Also drives me. Insane. How can you be an adult and not realize that if you don't produce income, you don't get to eat? That if you are short on cash, you should cancel cable and get rid of the smart phone?

Unless you have this guy's problem...

Jen said...

A-fucking-men, my sister! ((yeah, I'm one of those bloggers who mom knows...she's so proud)) My ex husband is currently on unemployment (again) because he "can't find a job in his field" and he's "overqualified". Guess what, douchebag, when you're unemployed EVERYTHING is "in your field"! Man up and get a j-o-b you lazy nutsack!

Anonymous said...

I hear you. Where I work, I deal with a lot of these fuckers (yep, I'm big on the cursing, too. Sorry Angie's mom!) who think the world should just hand them the perfect job without any effort on their part. These people also walk into court wearing the most expensive and designer clothes and purses I have ever seen. Not owned, mind you, because I have kids to feed, but seen. One guy showed proof of an application he made to a job and he was requesting $40,000 and wanted to be a manager. Um, dickwad, your last job was in a warehouse and before that was Micky D's. You might want to scale back on the expectations. Be happy to get $10/hour damnit. It's pretty obscene this attitude of deserving to get things without having to do any of the work. Drives me batty.

Good on you for raising that daughter right, by the way. I only hope my sons turn out as well!

notactuallygod said...

I shoulda done it before this, you certainly deserve it, but better late than never:
I just put you on my 'gotta reads' list for all to see.

Linda Medrano said...

Angie, I've never been unable to get a job. I hate listening to people who don't work complaining about the "fat cats". I have worked 2 jobs. I have worked 3 jobs. I needed the money. Nobody supported me. I supported myself. I've never gotten food stamps or welfare. I just got a job. It was easier. I worked 50 to 60 hours a week sometimes and took business trips to places nobody wants to go. Tough. Do it and shut up. I know there are disabled people who can't work. I know there are uneducated people who can't work at high paying jobs. But I really don't understand not working if you are physically able.

KD said...

I was just at another blog reading about this guy who just got back from meeting his online girlfriend in Miami for a week and the hotel pics made me f*cking jealous. The next blog up, he was begging for money to finance his trip to Austin for the job he just got. I was like Really? So I commented that. LOL. He took the entire blog off his site.

Angie said...


Thought the same thing myself.

I simply hate watching people struggle while they are busting their asses and watching others take the lazy way out. It's shameful.

Yes... I'll do it! LOL

When the world runs on love and fresh air we'll know we took the big dirt nap and woke up on the other side! :)

I know exactly how you feel. We know some of the same people or situations!

I hope you got some sleep! LOL Circumcized.

I'm with you! I know I have to work to keep a roof over my head and food in the cupboards. It's too bad so many people rely on everyone else to foot their bill!

Some pan handlers make good money but the also sit out in the cold. I'll take a regular job.

Holy shit... WE ARE RELATED. LOL

Remember last week when you were considering being a full time starving artist? I was SO with you... if your parents would adopt me too. Oh and... if your mom finds that rich husband for you would you pass him along to me? LOL

When I read your comment I shared it with the office. We are all in agreement. When you don't have a job EVERYTHING is in your field! <3's that!

OMG I have SEEN that! I know several people who have used that tactic to avoid being asked to an interview too. Some expect too much for their skills and others expect to get off easy their whole lives.

Mwah! Thanks for the add! Just for that I'm going to let the fun personality out of her box next week.

I love that about you. You have a work ethic that is becoming more rare by the day!

Jeeze I saw that too. I screamed on the outside. Then fumed on the inside. I saw your response right before the post was removed. Bravo you!

Update: My daughter interviewed with a temp agency yesterday and was offered a job STARTING Monday! The pay is even higher than her last job! I'm so proud of her!

Update 2: I have always appreciated the cursing. Always!

Anonymous said...

After working for the same company damn near 20 yrs my hub got laid off in '09, has worked numerous temp jobs tryign to find a place to call home until retirement. The absolute longest he has been unemployed is almost 3 months (he went back to work again last Monday). Even when he was unemployed he was coaching and making a tiny stipend. Oh and he is disabled but refuses to accept disability as a reason to not work. There ARE jobs out there. We are struggling a little more than we have in years past, and it just pisses me off that much more to see people partying away their money and then asking for help, or shopping at Trader Joes/Nugget or even Bel Air and then saying they are broke. Yea, go back to Ramen, bulk cheap grocery stores, and forgo the dinners out, idiots. I guess I am a little more judgemental than I like to think of myself most of the time.

wagthedad said...

Jesus, here it's been almost a month and I still didn't get involved in the reaming. I was drunk, and then I was hungover, but there's just no excuse for my failing to help out on the ream. I will step up next time. Promise. Great rant! And there is a difference between being a bitch and just not being a douche bag. And you, my friend, are neither a bitch nor a douche bag.

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