Thursday, October 6, 2011

Am I supposed to have a type?

Some people are terribly offended when their friends and family say things like, "I have just the guy/girl for you!" Not me! Well, not anymore. In the beginning it felt like they wanted to just set me up because they were worried I would become a hermit and never find a guy. Later it felt like they were perhaps questioning my judgment. To be fair, that was probably pretty accurate. These days I just realize that it's a matter of them wanting to see me happy, or maybe to keep me from moving away (Yes, Terra I mean you).

What doesn't make sense to me is (No, Christy I don't mean just you), "He's just your type!"  The last time I heard this I smiled to myself wondering, "What's my type today?"

I usually get responses like these: 

Asian - Yes, I did go about 7 years just dating Asian-American men. 

Short - I've only ever dated 1 guy who was taller than me and even then only by an inch. 

Old - When your dates tend to be closer to your parents' ages than your own you might have a Daddy Complex. 

Is this what my friends saw in my past dates? Seriously, I found him by Googling old, short, Asian guy. 

So check, check, and check. I see where they're going, but let me make something very clear... I don't have a type. Older, shorter, Asian men were just the only ones who liked me back. If you're going to pigeon hole me based on my past dating choices let's throw in emotionally unavailable too!

I've dated both an Irish guy and a Canadian guy who were age appropriate and of similar height. No one remembers that though! I'm just putting this out there, but if you want to try to set me up on a date with someone (and I will more than likely laugh at you when you suggest it), this is my "type":

Funny- Sarcastic and dry funny is the best.

Smart- Able to hold his own in conversation (engaging helps) and knows the difference between their, they're, and there. 

Sexy- This is partially based on looks. Maybe it's his smile, the way the corner of his eyes crinkle up when he laughs, or the way he carries himself when he walks. More than that it's confidence. 

So when you're out there scouting for me here are a few examples of what might be of interest to me.
Humble sexy... Mommy like! 

Preferably in this tux



Becca (aka SMC) said...

Ok, so this is now my fourth attempt to leave a comment here for you. I really love you, you know that. We have pretty much the exact same taste in men. I finally settled on a Mexican. He's wonderful 70% of the time, 30% of the time I could just stab him, but I digress. Have you tried dating a Mexican/Latino man? Just make sure they don't live with their momma and they're holding down a "real" job, because working at Jack in the Box at 35 just doesn't count. I've found them to be hilarious, intelligent, driven, and they treat their moms great, which means you get the royal treatment too. Best of luck with the dating.... or you could you know join Patti Stanger's stable of girls for Millionaire's Club.... whichever is more lucrative, I mean works out better for you...

RCB said...

Well, stranger, if Becca loves you, I love you plus 1. THERE, that's settled. But as for THERE being people who'd go nuts when you tell them, I know just the guy for you,' well, my girlfriend Angie is from India and whenever she's in a bus or train, up comes yet another 50-plus Indian woman who wants to know if poor Angie is married yet. Why? Because her son would be the right guy for her. Angie, well, my Angie, works in a bakery and even THERE (not they're or their) do these little Indian Mommas bug her with the same ol' question: "Are you married?" Can you imagine this happening to you all the time? I mean, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Mom bugging you with that ridiculous question? :)

Paula said...

I never really had a type either. I've dated all kinds of people with varying looks and personalities. I'm not sure who the guy in the first picture is but he is smoking hot!

Azra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azra said...

LOL at the Asians...

Sadly I've had a type. I always seem to be attracted to different versions of the same kind of guy. Although, now in my old age *cough* two criteria have emerged as non-negotiable criteria: firstly, a sense of humour is very important in a potential partner, and secondly someone I can talk to. If there's no communication or if I feel like I can't talk to him, we'd be going no where fast.

Linda Medrano said...

My husband of 22 years is 15 years younger than I and Native American (Navajo). I've had other husbands, but this is the best one so far. We'll have to take you with us to the Navajo Rez.

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