Friday, September 30, 2011

Tonight we are playing a new game called wine with friends. It runs all weekend. You can participate via comment, twitter, or facebook. If you are out with your besties, your boss, your family, having a glass of wine... or beer... or a mixed... tell me what your happiest thought of the day was.

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Left Coast Guy said...

Probably the happiest thought I had was while unwinding with that first glass of wine: I like female vocalists and am usually disappointed when my favorite haunt hires a male. I thought "Hey, this dude ain't bad..." This allowed me to slip happily into my second glass of wine :-)



Leauxra said...

I started a workout program about 6 weeks ago. I was getting disappointed that I didn't have a hardbody yet, or abs of steel, or any weight loss whatsoever. I was going for a walk with a coworker and there are these fitness stations every few feet. We started past these hanging rings.

On a whim, I grabbed the rings, flipped upsidown, then flipped over. I realized that I have gotten a lot stronger in in the last several weeks, I would never have been able to do that before. It made me feel like it was really worth it, I should keep working out.

Seriously happy thought.

Leauxra said...

So I didn't follow the directions. But that thought was happier than any that I had later with beer, so I'm counting it.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Sadly, I'm drinking alone tonight......

wagthedad said...

Dammit, I missed it. I was out having wine with friends on Friday. My happiest thought of the day was watching my kids all pissed off at the vineyard because they didn't have a playground. They just sat on this hill looking pissed, and bored, and they were just the cutest thing I could imagine at that time. I had to laugh, which got me into trouble, but hey, more wine.

Angie said...

You all played so well! Next weekend I'm playing from Iowa. I've lined up a chauffeur (my son) to drive my mother and sister and I around for Mom's 60th bday. Not often you get a free driver (oh he's wearing a chauffeur hat too) and a ladies night out!

My happiest thought from Friday: "My friends are the best and ooooh jalepenos on a pizza"

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