Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sheep Shaggers! Bonus Post

Over the years I've heard men from nearly every state refer to men from neighboring states or other countries as Sheep Shaggers. It doesn't matter if your country doesn't have much in the way of sheep, someone has called your people by that moniker. I found this joking comment to be fairly popular from my Irish friends with regard to their Scottish neighbors, complete with all of the jokes about why kilts don't have zippers.

Imagine my surprise when I finally flipped my Ireland 2011 calendar to September and found this.....
According to the calendar, this picture was taken at Portmagee, Co. Kerry

Now I am not TRYING to be all finger-pointy or anything, but a couple of questions/points here:

1. One of the guys here in the office suggested maybe those marks were painted on to identify the sheep the Shepherd prefers. Can you confirm or deny this?

2. Were you simply marking the sheep's rear end in a "This Way Up" fashion? Yes, one end bites. That is no reason to ruin a perfectly good sweater with spray paint.

Let me state for the record, I've had a bit of a love affair with Ireland since about 2005 (longer if you count Gone With The Wind 2 and other various crap movies, books, etc.). I really hope someone can clear this up for me. I might never look at an Irishman the same again if I am left to believe only what I create in my mind!

Help a girl out. Set this straight for me.


Left Coast Guy said...


Its just a more sophisticated way of how the Texans do it: "Hows that one Earl?" "Pretty good Hank, reminds me of Betty"


Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Jeebus, what in the world is going on in that picture! Wait, do I even want to know?!?!

wagthedada said...

I would have to say that simply by association, the proportion of sheep shaggers must increase proportionately to the population of sheep.

Don't you think? You kind of have to have some sheep around to get the idea of shagging one of them, right? Like, you may not do cocaine, but if it's there in a pile on your coffee table you might think twice.

So yes, in conclusion. The Irish are sheep shaggers. But, to their defense, they make good beer and are intoxicated while doing it.

Paula said...

That is quite the disturbing image...I would just flip to the next month and call it a day!

Leauxra said...

I have no words. That picture disturbed me more than it should. Note to self: If I have to paint some sheep's asses, use a color OTHER than red.

Angie said...

Apparently, research suggests the paint color is like branding. Red asses for farmer A, Blue asses for farmer B, Green asses for farmer C.

I feel slightly better about the Irish now.

Dave D. said...

Now, for those that don't know... the red grease paint is smeared on the belly of the ram when the ewes are in season. The transfer of paint indicates to the keepers which ewes can then be segregated from the flock so the ram can continue about his service calls in an orderly manner.

Angie said...

Excellent! Someone who knows what the hell is going on! Thanks Dave! :)

Linda Medrano said...

My husband, a Navajo, swears Hopi are sheep shaggers. But the Hopi say the same thing about the Navajo.

Diana Burfield (BettyShmetty) said...

This is just the funniest damn thing!! I even like saying it...sheep shaggers...has a nice ring don't you think?

Angie said...

In Iowa it's always the Nebraskans or the South Dakotans. In SD it's the North Dakotans. I think it's quite possible that many of them are sheep shaggers and they are just projecting! :)

I think it needs a curse word in there and it would be a great insult! @$%@^% Sheep Shagger!

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