Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seven Links - Links and the Nominations

Azra over at Azurah has nominated me for the 7 Links project by Tripbase. The ultimate goal of this project is to get bloggers to dig into their archives and regurgitate those posts that had an impact on the world in some way or form.  I only had one lapse (okay 2)  in choice and in that case I gave you two.  So here we go. Follow along to the end because 7  of you have been chosen to participate.

1. My most beautiful post
 At the Water's Edge was something I’d written a year ago when I finished browsing through some photos of a rare family vacation I was able to take my kids on. They constantly amaze me. The way they see life and the small things that bring them joy and still hold the innocence I see in them is pure beauty to me.

2. My most popular post
If we’re going strictly by stats, it’s definitely I Will Destroy You (and other fun break up stuff). People seem to like to read about the horror of breaking up if you can make it humorous. The fact is that it’s only humorous when you’re:
A) not the one getting broken up with or
B) You have had time to look back on it and see the humor.

But back when I didn’t have many readers I had great success with We don't talk about mustache rides anymore.... This one seems to make more sense. Who doesn’t want to read about euphemisms and sisterly violence?

3. My most controversial post
I totally blow in this category. Either I am totally relatable to most people or I am not controversial enough to drag the drive by blogger into a heated comment war. Since it’s left up to me I will go with Sucking Up To Apple Hard. I chose this one because it was one of my few attempts to use selling out to my advantage. It also didn’t work. I still don’t have an iPod Touch of my very own. Both things piss me off.  One of my best friends decided that my post Fake Empathy and the Man-Woman Friendship was definitely it.

4. My most helpful post
This one is recent and hopeful. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Blog addresses my own struggle with depression, anti-depressants, and life after. I would like to believe that, like me, someone will read this post and see that depression is not something to ignore, it happens to more people than we know, and far more people than are willing to admit they needed help.

5. A post whose success surprised me
We Don't Use The "F Word" In Public! is a post about being poor and receiving public assistance. More than that, it is about the shame people feel about asking and accepting help and the innocence of children. Why did its success surprise me? It’s simple, many people would prefer to ignore this faction of society and more so… we continue to teach our children that there is weakness in asking for help.

6. A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
I’m Not Looking For The End.. This was one of my kick-off posts. My hope was to address some of my own demons while trying to make sense of a close friends struggle with very troubling issues that were leaning toward suicide. It’s something so many people have faced and no one wants to talk about.

7. The post that I am most proud of
Raising a glass to strong women is dedicated to the strongest women in my life. Contrary to what some might think, it’s not a feminist post… it’s a post anyone with a strong, kind, intelligent, and loving woman in their lives can relate to. The women are also my family.

Alright, we’ve come to the nomination portion of this project. The 7 people I’ve chosen, in no particular order, have given me laughs and reason to stop and think which, let’s be honest… I don’t stop for very often. I can think of about 30 people I would like to send this to, but Azra said it best, “It’s not everyone’s thing.” So the choice is yours. Show us what you’ve got!

Dean at LeftCoastGuy.com  you know why. Your words and your stories move me. I want to see what you think of yourself. J I know. I know… but it’s an exercise. You love that! Tell me what I need to see!

Becky at I'm just a girl & I've had it up to here Girl, you provide helpful information to all. I’ve also seen things on your site that make me feel (oh GOD… not that way). Break it down for us. 

Pam at Pam-a-rama ding dong  You inspire me! I’ll admit. It started with the photo shoot and now I’d like to see your 7 links! Talk to us, tell us what this nomination makes you feel. 

Fred at The Fred Effect you were the first person to recognize my blog and in doing so… I’ve had a chance to recognize yours. More people should see your work. Let's start now. 

Shane at Wag the Dad  I don’t know what your stats are, but they aren’t high enough in my opinion. Now I’ve linked you publicly and I don’t have to tell my friends to go read you this week. Hey, friends? Go check out his top 7.

Becca at I'm Pretty Sure That Since we’re meeting at the corner of FML for cocktails, I’d like to see before that date what you’ve got in your blog closet.  


Azra said...

Love this, especially because I don't have much time online so I tend to miss things here and there. Now I can see what I've missed!

Angie said...

Me too! Thank you so much for the nomination! I can't wait to see the results!

Pam said...

I just saw this, because I clicked on your profile and thought it was funny, so I clicked on your blog, and I am now stalking your words because you are fantastic. I can't wait to read all 7 posts above, and they are all currently sitting in new tabs right next to this one, waiting their turn.

So how does the nomination make me feel? Really touched, but not in a dirty way. And inspired. I'll post my 7's soon! So glad I had time to stalk you and see this!

Much love,
-Pam from Pam-a-rama ding dong

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