Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ramblings of the Sleep Deprived

In just 9 short hours I will be home in the comfort of my own bed. There was a moment this morning when I thought about begging my parents to let me ride home with them in their car rather than spending the day in various airports killing time. In the end I opted for the airport. Under normal travel circumstances, I am very observant. I read all of the airport signage, know all of the amenities offered by a particular establishment, and when and where I can get an ice cold beverage at a moments notice. Today is not one of those normal travel circumstances.

My flight leaves Dayton at 4:55 PM EDT. It is currently 1:42 PM local time and I am already at the airport. No, I wasn't worried about long lines and wait times at security. I'm flat out wrecked and there is peace in the airport you cannot and will not ever find in a house with 4 teenagers, a newlywed couple, and pets. It's not what you might think either. They will all likely be napping and I would be scared to death I might fall asleep and miss my plane. This was for the best, even if I am not actually here mentally.

I hate having to wonder about things, especially when I am tired and having a hard time keeping my head together. There are so many places to advertise your wares at the airport. I walked into 2 separate shops here to find a cold drink only to be told that I could get one in their other stores closer to my concourse. It took me another stop to find a place with a travel pillow, and then I felt the last of my energy reserves drain from my body so I sat down. I thought to myself, "I should check my email. I wonder if they have free WiFi here or if I am going to have to fork over cash for that? God, why can't they just make it simple? I guess I'll ask 'Carissa' at the kiosk." Imagine my surprise when she smiled and pointed back to where I'd just been sitting.

I'd been sitting on the third stool. 
The wedding was beautiful, as was the bridal party. Everyone had a good time and as far as I know... everyone is still alive today. There will more to share as the week progresses and my mind returns. For now I'm going to crawl over to the quiet little corner of the gate area, lay out my jacket like a blanket, and take my new travel pillow for a test drive.


Azra said...

Glad you had an awesome time Angie! I can kinda relate to how you feel - I need my bed. like now. It's been a wonderfully hectic weekend that involved babysitting an 18 month of over-active little girl and attending a party at my cousins new place. Which reminds me, I'm off to catch a few Zzzz's ;)

Tony Van Helsing said...

I hate airports, it's limbo with duty free and Tom Clancy novels.

pinkim said...

I always feel better when I get to my gate and plant myself so that I am where I need to be...of that is just when they announce a gate change...just came over from Fred's place...making the rounds and catching up...sorry it has been a while...just now starting to feel better and get around again. Hope you get rest soon...Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding...after you get your rest :) zzzz

wagthedad said...

Travel pillow, travel pillow, woo woo woo.

No idea what that meant. Glad you made it to your plane. I don't mind airports, as long as I am traveling alone and there is at least one bar. Traveling with others annoys me. I guess that means that I'm antisocial and probably a dick.


Paula said...

Glad the wedding went well! :)

Angie said...

Oh honey 18 month olds can drain a person! I hope you caught up on your sleep, I know I'm going to try!

I typically love airports. Maybe I just like the idea that I'm going somewhere and doing something different. It could also be the people watching. That's always worth while.

Glad to see you! I hope you're back to 100% soon!

I'll try to post something more later. The bride, the party, the venue, etc = all beautiful!

I don't usually have anyone to travel with. I live in fear of being in the seat next to a smelly and extra talkative person. I catch up on months of reading when I fly... I don't have time to make "friends" with kooky passengers!

Thx! Still pretty tired but it was worth it!

Left Coast Guy said...

Why is it that I always end up being where something is at the airport and it's always close enough for me to reach out and touch it? Never once has anybody said "oh, honey, you can't get that here in this terminal. This is terminal B you need F" Nope. Never. I'm always standing right next to it after having searched for twenty minutes. It's enough to give me a complex. I blame it on all the signage. Signage for everything. One day I was siting in the terminal in Denver International and I saw a sign for Men. Right above it I saw the sign Women. What the hell? I could see there were only men coming out of the bathroom. I really had to go but I just sat there trying to figure out the the signs. I was afraid I'd stumble into the ladies and be dragged away. Turns out I was sitting too close to the wall. The wall curved a bit and made it look like the signs were in the same place. Airports and all the signage make me stupid :-)

Fred Miller said...

If we were ever to travel together, I would be in complete agreement with you: Let's get to the airport. It's peaceful there.

Angie said...

Fred? Are you saying that you don't want to be stuck in a car with me? LOL

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