Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh, you were serious? Sorry.

"Ask your readers this." my friend said.  "If you could change one thing about your spouse that would make the love making deeper, what would it be?"

I yelled, "BIGGER PENIS!" It flew out of my mouth so fast that you'd have thought I was being timed and there was serious prize money at stake.

"Do you really believe that it's the most important thing?" **** said.

"You said "deeper". If I were a guy I would have said longer vagina, but since I don't have a spouse or a partner, and based on the dry spell and my pretend partner not giving me any attention, I am going to pretend faux beau has a short penis!" I said, a bit too defensively.

What I ended up taking away from this conversation, (aside from the fact that I would be AWESOME at any game show where I had to have the answer quickly oh and that unless I detect sadness in the other person's face or voice I'm going to immediately think the pervy answer first) was that just like any other search done on the internet, people come to blogs looking for all sorts of things, including feedback and advice.

So today I am leaving you with a couple of questions to ponder:

1. If you could change one thing about your spouse that would make the love making deeper, what would it be? You can't use bigger penis or deeper vagina because I already used those. 

2. Why do you blog / Why do you read blogs? 


Becca (aka SMC) said...

I would take away my insecurities because I think that hinders the deeper (not kinkier) connection we could have.
2. Why do I blog.... because I come from a generation that was in between technological advances making it possible for instant gratification and the stone age. Technology has given me the opportunity to make my mark on the world via the internet, whether no one hears me or not, I still scribbled here, I still left an indelible mark, I still existed in this time and space, and I had something to say, whether it was worth saying or not.
2a)I read blogs because I am bored at work. Ok no really I read blogs because I want to feel like I'm not alone, there are other people out there who think like me, or at the very least will humor me. I read blogs to feel connected to people I don't physically know. I read blogs to find that other special niche in my life where I belong.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Deeper love making must be what creatures at the bottom of the sea do, so I'd have to change into an octopus...and find a female octopus.

wagthedad said...

One thing about my spouse? What if she's reading this? I'm discovering that this whole blogging thing isn't as anonymous as it should be. be honest? There are lots of things I would change about her, but not in the lovemaking area. That part's perfect, more or less. Maybe more fancy underwear, more oil and more lube.

I blog for the money. Hands down. It's so awesome to be able to write whatever the hell shoots into my mind and get paid millions for it. I'm considering charging people at restaurants who get to hear my voice as I'm spouting off about something profound and exhilarating.

OK, seriously, I blog because I realized that I had a lot of things to say and nowhere to say it. Originally, I thought I might be able to spread some of my fatherhood / douchebag knowledge around and help people.

Now I'm writing about sex, booze, and killing people. And feeling awesome.

Anonymous said...

One thing I would change that would make my love making deeper with my spouse.........not size....hmmmm...if she started love making again would be a start... but thats not the reason why I married her or still love her.

I don't blog except reply to yours.

Azra said...

I'm on a celibatory train Angie, until I meet Mr. Right Forever. That doesn't mean I'm friggid or anything like that... I will tell you this, when I started blogging, I was a very angry person... just out of a relationship and pissed off with everything and everyone in general. Blogging allowed me to express and channel that anger in a healthy way and in general, it's been a cathartic experience- my daily therapy session. These days I blog because I thoroughly enjoy meeting and connecting with people from all over the world, from all walks of life. That "connection" touches my soul and makes me feel like I'm a part of something greater than the everyday petty issues of my life. I love seeing the beauty in someone elses existence, and knowing how they spend their time and what's important to them. I appreciate people who share their lives with me even though they don't know me... and I enjoy sharing parts of my life too... knowing that we are all more alike than we are different.

I also love to laugh... I live for a good laugh! ;)

Juliette said...

But I want to say bigger penis, that's not fair.
I am seduced by words rather than looks (and huge cocks) so my perfect spouse would have to get into my head for deeper love making.

I blog because I'm a shameless, attention seeking harlot. I like all types of creative mediums, particularly writing and photography.
I read other blogs if I find that persons style / comment interesting. People fascinate me.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

1. That's easy - make him hotter.
(It's possible I don't understand the meaning of "deeper")
2. Because when I start ranting to my friends about how piles of leaves are spider attack traps they just walk away, but when I post it on the Internet I can choose to believe people actually read it.

Paula said...

I wouldn't change anything about my spouse...we're pretty good in the sack. I read blogs for about a year before I started my own. At first I thought I was reading because I liked to pry into strangers lives, but then I realized I liked reading blogs so much because I was reading people who had the same issues as I had and also some of them are pretty funny. I started blogging because I had some funny stories and to quiet all of the crazy in my head and it's worked pretty well and I've even made some nice friends along the way.

Angie said...

So if I was able to participate in question #1, I'd probably ask for someone who was emotionally available and passionate in life. Too girly? Oh well :)

It seems a lot of our reasons for blogging and reading are the same.

Like Wag, I'm here because of the lifestyle it allows me to lead. What I mean by that is if I just sat around drinking at night I would be an alcoholic. If I sip wine while I write I am a writer.

Aside from the glamour, I like that I am able to put things out there and get feedback. I don't pretend to have it all figured out and even if no one responds it helps me express myself without interruption.

Anonymous said...

1. My insecurities!

2. To get away from work (Paid work, house work, school work, and other). & to laugh and be entertained.

Angie said...

1. You and me both! You're not alone :)
2. All excellent reasons!

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