Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Cast of Characters

I think I've said before that when I am walking down the street, I often think of myself on the set of a movie. The movie changes over time, but I'm always in it because well, it's my freaking life and I am the director, producer, leading actress, and all that jazz. Oh my kingdom for a producer. Fronting all the dough for this production is a bit draining!

I've got this mad streak of narcissism that rears it's ugly head more often than I care to admit. Oh you've noticed? Right on. It's not on the level of Narcissus or mental disorder or anything, but it's right up there with Tom Cruise and the likes sometimes. But let's forget my little confession (me me me me me) because a movie with just me in it would be tres boring. Have you ever seen a one-man show? It's pretty fun for an hour. It would not do well as a series and certainly wouldn't stand up in the box office melee.

The movie of my life would be nothing if not for its cast of characters. You've met my family in various posts. I'll spare them for today. God knows they've been through enough on this blog with me telling everyone how awesome they are. I'm sure the recognition they get from my blog while walking down the streets of their respective towns is crushing by now. I will also refrain from focusing a spot light on the long suffering men in my life. By long suffering I mean suffering without me in their lives. They've taken up far too much time by my approximation.

So let's get our credits rolling shall we?

The nominations for best supporting actress in a motion picture of my life are... 

Kari- The fiery redhead. Wife, mother of 3, nurse to all, my longest and best constant friend. Lover of all things new and exciting. The first to encourage me if I say I want a tattoo or to dump whomever I happen to be with. She is also number one of the many unofficially adopted sisters I claim. The only person that knows so much about me that she could ruin my life if she wanted, but wouldn't dare because I know equally as much about her. It's love.

Sue- The Scottish lass. She's mom to 3, wife, and the only woman I know that never completely breaks down. Quite possibly the strongest woman I know aside from my mother. Lover of chocolate, champagne, and shopping (in a way that makes me sort of excited). Sweet, honest, loving, giving, and everything I hope that one day I can be (not just Scottish). Also the only one of my friends that has no issue with stripping down and enjoying nature. Attracts crazy people.

Jill- The blonde bombshell. Single mom of one and part time college student and somewhere in the mix still manages to hold down a boyfriend and a full time job. The only person I know with as much scorn for players and idiots as me. An fellow Iowa girl who knows what it means to grow up believing the "city" is the nearest town with a chain restaurant and a mall.

Terra - In the Sex and the City world, she is the true Charlotte of the group. Kind, sweet, considerate, understanding, and completely unselfish. Mother of two beautiful pups and engaged to the only man I've ever seen pull off a set of falsies, blonde wig, and a Hooters costume. Tells it like it is, without leaving you feel black and blue when it's done.

Shannon- The executive in the body of a home decorator. Sexy and fun and not afraid to tell you how she feels or what she wants. Single mom of one, owner of Oscar, and my walking/party partner. The only person I know who frequently hosts wine events and really isn't a fan. This woman can throw together a party in a heart beat and make you feel like she's been planning the event especially for you for months. Also admits to living her life like she's in a movie which makes me love her even more.

The nominations for the best supporting actor in the motion picture of my life are... 
Joe- The first man to ever live in my basement. Thirty-five year old daddy of 3, single in FL, in need of some TLC and a woman willing to ride bikes and drink beers, and behave on the boat when out fishing. The first and last man to convince me that you can turn cheap vodka into something special with a bag of Skittles. Smart, sexy, educated, and lives in semi-paradise year round. Picture available upon request. (See that Joe? I still care!)

Barney- Boyfriend to Becky, current tenant of the rental portion of my house, 29 and fearless. Also sexy, and smart.... has a LOT of stuff that I have yet to go through to see if I could use. Makes a mean cheesecake, helps me clean up after events, taught my kids to drive when I threw my hands in the air, and the first to offer a hug when any of us are at wits end. Far nicer than anyone who looks like he does has to be.

These are my constants. There isn't a week that goes by when I don't think about, talk to, hang with, or share a moment of insanity with. Without these people and those around them I would be a lonely lonely girl. Anything fun that happens in my world that doesn't involve my family is because of this very awesome group of supporting cast... and when I say supportive I really mean that.


Left Coast Guy said...

I am so pleased they are there for you, Angie. You deserve that and much more. You are, as I have said, a rock star in my book.


Anonymous said...

I imagine a life with so many wonderful people around would never be boring!!!! The fire, excitement.... The water, the cool peace they bring..... Earth, embracing you and accepting you just the way you are. Each element bringing you to life and love.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Yes, the Scots are hardy, their dismal climate makes them that way. But the stripping down thing is a little usual.

Azra said...

Did someone say Cheesecake? *sigh* So great to know that you have some pretty special people around you Angie - it's not the destination that matters, but the friends that help you get there ;)

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

This is so great .I am so happy for you .

Angie said...

They truly are the best cast I could hope for! Thanks ~hugs~

That they do for sure! :) I can only hope that I provide them with at least what they give me.

Maybe it's just with me!? Either way she's got a confidence I admire!

Yes.. cheesecake! It's AMAZING! These folks make some of the hardest roads of the trip seem manageable. :)

Thanks hon!

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