Friday, September 2, 2011

Saying What You Mean

Before I jump right into the meat of today's post, I would like to address a question that has been begging to be answered since 1983. "Last night I had the strangest dream. I sailed away to China in a little row boat to find ya. You said you had to get your laundry clean, didn't want no one to hold you. What does that mean?"

Mr. Wilder, 
It's over. Move on. She's gone to f*cking China for the love of God. Take the hint. We got it and we didn't even need a whole song.  

Now that we have that out of the way let's get down to the guts of today's words... made with letters... that sometimes form coherent sentences.

Many of you will know the website I am going to be talking about today. has been my go-to site for quite some time for when I care enough to hit send... but little else. They have a knack for saying exactly what you mean even if it's not exactly what you should say. Much like me. So today we're going to explore a few of my favorites. Feel free to go there and browse around. If you find something you like, go ahead and send it. Tell them I sent you. They know me (no, they don't).

This says a lot really. Now this isn't an ecard I would send to someone, but I feel at least 2 of my exes would have/should have sent it to me. "I love everything about the person I wish you were" might be more fitting. Still.. this one makes me laugh.

Oh Someecards... it's like you're in my head. It's like you know me. This one actually IS me. I have a knack for finding men who are either lying about the marital status or are completely emotionally available. You could tell me you're emotionally unavailable and I'd probably think you were playing hard to get.

Have you ever gone one step too far in a relationship? Mmmmhmmmm this one's for you (*****). Feel free to go use it!

Nothing to say about this one at all. Seriously. 

I actually created this one and sent it a few years ago. Sometimes you just have to embrace the situation and forgive a person for being a  D Bag. Other times you can be complete passive aggressive and bitchy about it. Guess which one feels best and gives the longest lasting feeling of joy.

Now that I've shared a lil something... Tell me kids, what are your plans for the weekend. Summer is wrapping up here, so what will you be doing to celebrate Labor Day?


Leauxra said...

I love this site for the "holiday that doesn't exist but should" days... like the anniversary of Julius Caesar getting stabbed by Brutus, or Valentine's Day.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Oh Angie, how I love you.

My fav is the "Let's take things to the previous level."

Story of my life.

Bex said...

I am drawn to the one of the lady lovingly stroking her own wrist & talking about her man being some hoes baby daddy.

I want to send that one to my husband just because it's a little creepy & as a reminder to never do that because I don't want to turn into a crazy wrist stroker.

Plus I hate being alone.

You rule Angie.

Linda Medrano said...

These are fantastic! I can see sending these to everyone I know whether they apply or not! Thanks Angie!

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

I'd like to take things to the previous level with my girlfriend but I do enjoy the fact that she does my laundry

Angie said...

I don't know that I believe in Valentine's day any more! Some days I feel like going to Someecards and making a TON of my own cards full of snark! :)

Mine too! It seems I'm always either wishing I could take it to the previous level or the guy is wishing it because of me. LOL It's really fitting!

I used to send out the work ones until I accidentally sent one to my boss once that he did not find nearly as funny as me. Some people just have no sense of humor!

Do not become the wrist stroker. It's not becoming... although it does seem like it would be sort of cool to do sometime when you're talking to someone. Get all glassy eyed crazy looking and talk super calmly while stroking your wrist. I am going to try it.

You can't go previous level on someone who does your laundry for you. It's an unwritten rule I think.

Tony Van Helsing said...

I just need a Happy Anniversary card, and what is Labour Day?

Anonymous said...

Angie hun, there are only 2 seasons here in SA. So we've gone from winter into summer in the span of a week. It was literally snowing two weeks ago with a max of 3C (37F). These days, temperature is around 28C (83F) every single day. Talk about Schizo!

Anyways, who needs a shrink when you can have an e-card eh? The truth is like a slap in the face. But it's also very entertaining ;)


Fred Miller said...

I've seen your drawing talent. You could design your own cards and sell them in an etsy store. Bumper stickers, shirts, mugs. They do lots of stuff.

Come on. I need some ironically insincere xmas cards that say exactly what I think. Actually, the entire world needs this.

Angie said...

Do you need one that is nice or sarcastic. That's the first hurdle in choosing a card. Well that and caring enough to even think about it. Labor day is a day in the US where I do absolutely nothing. It's like Saturday or Sunday except it comes once a year on a Monday in September.

83 sounds about perfect! I love a nice cool fall day, but that is as close to winter as I ever need to be.

Truth is almost always a slap in the face! :)

That was sweet of you to say, though I don't think I could make much money just drawing cartoon celebrity penis. Well maybe I could, but I'd feel dirty. Oh who are we kidding, my line will be out by next spring! :p

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