Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 80's called. They want their hair back.

There are times during my work day that I feel like life might be a little easier if I just typed up a quickie letter of resignation and saved everyone the hassle of debating benefits of my continued employment. Those moments are quickly dashed when I remember why I show up in the first place. Money.

South Dakota is a "right to work" state and also a "right to f*ck you over" state. I'm not taking any chances. Well, except this one right here where I am blogging and hoping I don't accidentally answer a potential client question with what I'm typing on the screen. "What does your current infrastructure look like? Are you virtualized on any level or are you just right to f*ck you ove... What?"

So back to not taking chances. It's not only that I'm afraid of not being able to pay the bills. Have you looked at Facebook lately? Twitter? Blogs? I don't mean to shock you, but it's time you knew. People are ASSHOLES. I see it everywhere I go. Some of you work with some pretty horrible co-workers. Your bosses seem to be hardcore slave drivers. Some of you have been coming home in tears! Screw that.

Last Thursday, as I returned from break, yeah again, get off my ass.. So Thursday I returned to find this  sticky note on my screen.

"Hmmm. I don't recall leaving any messages for a Dr. Bellamy." I thought. So I pulled it up in our CRM tool. "Ah ha! Found him. Hmmm. Not familiar."

Go ahead and click it. It won't hurt. 
"I guess it must be mine if he was returning my call." Then I opened his file.

Make it big. You'll want to. 

"Ha. Ha. Freaking. Ha. Very funny." The note in the file was the real kicker though....

Sometimes my hair does get poofy. Screw you. 
Now for those of you who aren't sure what the hell this is about...
Bill Bellamy- Appeared regularly on Def Comedy Jam, MTV Jamz, MTV Beach House
Nina Blackwood- Host of Absolutely 80's a nationally syndicated radio show.
Adam Curry- MTV VJ from the 80's and 90's... you know back when MTV had music... oh and videos.
Martha Quinn- Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman... don't make me explain this to you.

The only thing that could have made this little joke better would have been him using a real # routed to our office with Michael McDonald on the Muzac.


Jen said...

What? Was Professor JJ Jackson out of the office that day? This. Was. Amazing.

Becca (aka SMC) said...

Your office sounds pretty awesome, where I do apply at?

Linda Medrano said...

Actually, I love working with crazy people. They are always more fun.

Juliette said...

Sometimes my hair gets poofy and I am permanently surrounded by arseholes.

Elly Lou said...

What, no Ed Lover?

Angie said...

These freaks I work with are awesome!

Send me your resume. I'm the VP of Awesome. I also Chair the Funk-a-mitty.

100% agree! Crazy is never boring. :D

I have a lovely half-ro and it tends to get bigger as the day goes on.

Apparently the Absolutely 80's clinic can only have one Dr. of Style.

Paula said...

Funny makes the day go by quicker!

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I love office pranks!

RCB said...

'People are ASSHOLES'? Well, if that ain't the truth. In fact, in my family we often say, 'Though you can't tell how deep a well is by measuring the length of the pump handle, people are known to be assholes. But there are exceptions.' And there sure are, wouldn't you say? :)

Angie said...

RCB, Not all of them :)

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