Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 2 - Where I go native in the city parks

Welcome to Part 2 of my vacation adventure! I had planned to write this last night, but as much as I love to regale you all with my wit and.. blah blah blah.. I was simply wiped out. I managed to get my workout and grocery shopping done and then I was flat out, well... flat out. At any rate I'll pick up where I left off.

Friday- We made our way to Santa Cruz from Sacramento. The day was overcast and cool, which was a welcome change from the past couple of days of dripping sweat and ending the days feeling grimy. This was the one day I didn't remember to bring a camera and the only picture I got from my cell phone truly captured the grey of the day. I've not been all the way down the west coast, but from what I've seen Santa Cruz has the best boardwalk. I'm open to arguments here so let me know if there's some place I should check out!

Friday night we decided to test the limits of my rental car... sorry Enterprise... and make the drive up to The Mountain House. If you're not familiar with the place or you've just not had a chance to get there, I recommend it with a 5 out of 5 stars. Unpretentious, amazing food and wine, and the drive up is breathtaking. Right around $50/person with wine (skipped dessert). I had the most amazing skirt steak with orange demi-glaze and mixed veggies with Swiss chard. It sort of makes me want to cry it was so good! Here's a video some might know :)
I tried to sit next to this guy when we got in the restaurant... his woman didn't seem to keen on it. Nice ass though. 
Saturday- I think I played Save Me San Francisco like 5 times on the way. Breakfast had to wait until we got into China Town. Dim sum is the ultimate guilty pleasure of Asian Cuisine. Lotus leaf rice, bau, pot stickers, chicken feet, shrimp dumpling, and sticky sweet rice cake... after all that we needed to walk it off. WE headed to Golden Gate Park and to The California Academy of Sciences. It's worth the coin (which wasn't all that bad anyway). I'll just throw some pics up here to show my love of the museum complex... Saw the planetarium show but you can't take pics in there.... it's free though so if you live near SF... get your ass down there!
This dude is spooky

Here fishy fishy fishy

Just because they are awesome- from the aquarium section

Looking across to the fine arts museum

View from the rooftop garden

As the afternoon closed in we headed to the Haight-Ashbury district. This is urban hiking at it's finest. Free parking in the residential neighborhoods makes it so tempting to stay awhile... and we did. One might want to remember the incline you parked on before drinking too many of the Pomegranate Ciders at Magnolia. I was not as wise. The cider was worth is and so was the turkey pesto avocado club. DELISH! We wandered down the street and wandered back up. At some point, we decided to stroll through the park... which is an experience all it's own. Ever peed in a wooded park? I have. Ever accidentally pee on your shoe? Er.. yeah me either.

We wrapped up the evening by taking in beverages at Churchill then dinner across the street at Chow. I highly recommend both! Try the Thai noodles at Chow... loved loved loved that!

Sunday- Sunday sucked. There's no other way to say it. I hated leaving. I also hate flight delays. I had both. Either way, I made it home alive if a bit late. If I wasn't sure before, I have definitely set my cap at NoCal. It's got all the nature I want and access to all the city I need. Below are some pictures I missed from yesterday...

Swimming area on the Yuba near Nevada City

Downieville, CA

Almost to the waterfall... it's not far now. Uh huh... 

Yes, the whole river is this gorgeous.

The less than anticipated water fall.. 
We spotted this guy sitting on a rock right in front of the water fall. He couldn't have been more than 8 inches from the spray and he didn't move the entire time. He wasn't giving up his spot for anything! Wise... 

Outside Downieville, CA
I plan to be back to my regular blogging late today or tomorrow. Until then... I wish you all a beautiful day!


Ed Adams said...


I refuse to put anything on my food that even remotely sounds like shart.

Sounds like you had fun though. And ate a ton. Your hips will be so pleased.

Angie said...

When I vacation I eat like my life depends on it. :) I usually stay pretty active when I'm on the coast so it doesn't hurt me too bad! I had fun!

RCB said...

Great pictures, especially the ones of the river. Now I HAVE to get myself some plane tickets and tell my boss he can count me out for a couple of weeks. I'll just blame you. Sure you don't mind, right?

Angie said...

Blame me! I'm all for it. Give me your boss' # and I'll even call in for you! :)

Crystal said...

you're vacation looks so much better than mine to teeny tiny town!! looks like a fun and beautiful place to be - well multiple places to be.

Anonymous said...

My son went to Downieville with his buddy, whose family owns a pizza place there. He loved it there. Looks like a beautiful area...I'm thinking I need to drive that way!

Everyplace looks great to me right now, I am sooo in need of a vacay. Glad you had fun on yours!

Angie said...

By next summer I plan to be out there full time! You're welcome to skip across the border and come on over and hang!

It's such a sweet little town! I think we saw the pizza place but it looked like a to-go place and we needed to sit down. :) This is all so close to you! When I get moved I demand you come up and swim! I'll keep you all away from the naked ppl up stream! LOL

Left Coast Guy said...


I hate hate hate you!!! You went to Haight and GGP without me??? I thought we were friends :-( Beautiful pictures, Angie! Was GGP an experience like I said? :-)


Angie said...

Oh come now... you had your time there. Don't hate me because I was able to walk steep sidewalks until my thighs cramped! Also, there is enough GGP to go around. I didn't take your share! LOL I've been to GGP before, but not in this particular area.

To be honest... I was a bit more surprised as we hit the interstate LEAVING San Fran and reached the north bay area (out in the rural areas) and I was able to see all the BIG ships docked. It was like looking on the ocean for the first time. Those big ships make you feel so incredibly tiny.

Azra said...

Wow, that river looks amazing. I have the sudden urge to go for a swim around 12000 miles away!
I always hate coming back home from a holiday. It's nice to see that you had a great time :)

Leauxra said...

Sounds awesome! I once rode in a 25 foot Ryder truck through SF helping a friend move and he wanted to show me around a little, so my last experience of that beautiful, hilly town is one of death defying feats and really really frightened faces and not being able to stop. It was like that movie Speed, only really slow.

What I'm trying to say is that you obviously know how to vacation better than I do.

Linda Medrano said...

Angie, I wish I had known you were right across from me on Saturday. I would have taken you secret spots in the Haight and told you stories and bought you margaritas and pot too. San Francisco saves all of us thank goodness! It sounds like you had a magical time.

Angie said...

I will for sure be back! LOL@and pot too!

Angie said...

Azra, when I get settled you can come and visit and we'll make Linda take us around for margaritas and pot. LOL

You have to go back. It's worth it I promise!!!

Fred Miller said...

I like your buildup to the falls.

Angie said...

I like your hair. :D

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