Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some People's Kids

I had a list of things to rant and rave about today. I've narrowed it down to parenting and kids. Why? Because every parent started out as someone's kid, so there. Here we go. 

Aiming Low has me singing... ♫♪ Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be assholesssss♫♪

They didn't think their marriage would captivate the world? Give me a break and pass me the damn barf bag. There is so much more to say about this, though I'm pretty sure the world has covered it already. 

2. Newsflash- We will see the return of Lindsay Lohan to rehab before we see her return to acting. 
Does anyone else feel like maybe Linds should be sent to an island somewhere completely removed from anyone she knows... especially her parents? Holy... holes? If you can afford to eat in a luxury LA restaurant you can afford a sweatshirt without a tear in the shoulder. In recent news, Lohan stated she "... wants to be known for her talent rather than her troubled personal life." Excuse me... that vomiting thing has me busy again. 

3. Linds reminds me of someone else I've been seeing on TV...Ashley on RHoNJ. I swear to God above if either of my kids spoke to me the way this little tart speaks to her parents they would be wearing my shoe as an ass adornment for the next 10 years. I won't bother going into the "when I was that age" rant, I will simply say that tough love, in this situation, is all that's left. I wanna hug Jaclyn and Chris. 

I will go ahead and stop now because my other rants are trying to crowd out my thoughts and I like to remain focused on being pissy about one thing at a time. 

Until next time campers, I want you to know that I think you're all pretty. Even you burlier, hairier, manlier folks. ;) 


Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

All of my life's education is in this post. The worthwhile kind, anyway.

Linda Medrano said...

Good Lord, Woman! The first time I read "Linds" I saw it as "Linda" and I thought "Oh my goodness, I must have offended Angie." Then I wondered who it was you saw on tv who reminded you of me? Then I was really confused as I kept reading. Then I put on my glasses and thought "Oh thank heavens, that's not about me!" So, are we good?

Angie said...

Uh huh... mine too!

We're all good darlin! LOL Unless I find you stealing a necklace, getting blasted right out of rehab, marrying 16 year old boys, or sassing your elders while taking their money lil Missy!

Azra said...

The tragedy that is Lindsay Lohan - all that talent gone to waste because her parents can't be parents and prefer to act like little kids. If I was an aunt in that family, I would have called child welfare!

And my mom would rather kick my ass into next year than put up with any disrespect from me.

Disrespect - the core of the entire worlds problems. Oh the irony...

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