Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Most Likely To... and salacious compliments and such..

And while I'm at it... have I bossed anyone yet and told them to check out the updated Blog Most Likely To

Get your butt's over there and do it. 


Love and kisses. 

You're all the best readers in all of the blogosphere. 

Have I told you all how freaking hot you look today? 

Cuz you do. 

I'd do ya. ;-) 


Linda Medrano said...

You're hysterical! I love you Angie!

RCB said...

I think you're more hysterical and I love you more, Angie! :))

P.S. I noticed your ";-)" emoticon. You may want to check this out if you're interested: http://mltan100.blogspot.com/2008/02/use-emoticon-on-blogger-blog.html

Angie said...

Thanks! I had no idea! I will work on that tonight at home! Mwah!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

I'm blushing up a storm over here. And you know us Asians- we do not fucking blush, yo. THANK YOU SO MUCH. you made my day.

Angie said...

No... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will be doing drive-bys in my hood later and threatening people to get over and read you. (ok I don't know how to do a drive by but you know what I mean)

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