Monday, July 25, 2011

Woman Addresses an Age Old Question With Affirmative Answer

Monday July 25, 2011 - Sioux Falls, SD

While standing outside during a brief office respite, a local woman answered the age old question, "Is it hot enough for ya?" with an affirmative answer.

"Yes." she responded. "Yes, it's hot enough for me. Tomorrow is going to be hotter than today."

We were able to corroborate her statement through use of technology known simply as "The Internet".

It appears we have another week of warm temperatures in store for us during this season we lovingly refer to in the Midwest as "thank God it's not snowing". Those who are shocked by this weather phenomenon may want to brace themselves because it will happen again next year. Those same people would also be wise to take note of the following; It is going to be so cold in a couple of months that you will probably cry and question your sanity for having selected such a harsh environment to put down roots. It's happened every single year since at least 1816 and to be honest, I'm more shocked at the amount of people who are surprised by this than I am at temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 100s.

With Monday more than half over, I am getting pretty excited for the reunion this weekend! Hot or not, it will be fantastic to see my family! I have even picked up a few special presents for the nieces and nephews! For the girls I put special thought into how best torture my younger sister without risking the inevitable beat down that comes with making jokes about mustaches. This year I decided to buy each of the girls a nice bottle of perfume. I think that should provide hours of eye-burning enjoyment for the whole family on the 17 hour drive back to Ohio! Five girls, 5 different perfumes, it's not a physical beat down, but it's an olfactory assault extraordinaire! She's going to LOVE ME!

Now that I think about it, I should return the t-shirts I bought the boys and get each a big can of Axe body spray... hmmm.


RCB said...

Weather talk - well, I've come to realize that the people here in the Netherlands first learn the word rain and then the word Momma. These people never cease to amaze me, I tell yah. The weather, the weather... oh and the weather - it's all they talk about. And do you know how I know spring is coming soon again? I don't need the internet, the thing that you'retalking about. I just look outside and see Dutch men wearing Bermuda shorts everywhere when it's - what - 53 degrees. Then I know for sure it's almost spring. Basically, Dutch men are like the Groundhog. Just a bit taller.

Azra said...

It's been balmy here for the past week - balmy meaning 23C which is 73F. Not bad for mid winter eh? But that all changes tonight with a cold front approaching bringing snow to most of the country. Tomorrows highs are expected to be around 7C which is 45F. Massive drop.

I guess as humans we're never satisfied. In January I was so sick of the heat I longed for winter. Now I long for summer. It never ends :P

Leauxra said...

Don't you know that a proper gift for a boy is a musical instrument? A snare drum, a trumpet... if you're short on cash, just get a bunch of slide whistles and recorders.

This will make you the bestest. Aunt. EVAR.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Aren't boys fond of joke props like whoopee cushions and stink bombs? It all depends how popular you want to be.

Angie said...

53 is perfectly suitable for shorts as long as you wear a sweatshirt with them. I know this because I do this from time to time. :) Spring and Fall here mean you get to experience the full array of climates and weather phenomenons all in a single day. :D

I am jealous and I mean that. 73 is PERFECT, and 45 isn't bad for the dead of winter!

Hmmm I might get them recorders... and teach them to ALMOST play Mary Had A Little Lamb or Hot Crossed Buns (not all the way teach it of course).

Another good idea... or that liquid fart smell stuff that comes with a dropper. You are all good at this!

Linda Medrano said...

I love the perfume for the girls. (How can Sis object to that? I would select "Jungle Gardenia", "Samsara", and "Youth Dew" for starters. Bring an oxygen mask for yourself though. That stuff can be brutal when mixed.

Crystal said...

Cruel cruel woman!!! I LOVE it!

Angie said...

I wouldn't light a match around them after Thursday! :)

Aren't I sweet?!

Steve Bailey said...

An olfactory assault? Genius.... does you mind if I make this my new band name?

Angie said...

Steve, It's ALLLLL yours! ;)

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