Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Words Of Wisdom From Dove

To say that I've felt rather uninspired this week would be more than a bit of an understatement. Yesterday I sat down with Dove Chocolate to get a big of guidance. So without further ado, a word from our sponsor: 

Dove Chocolate would like you to make time for yourself. If we've learned anything from Dove in the past weeks, it's that life is about you. After I devoured this bit of knowledge, I decided to grab another piece of delightful chocolately goodness and head back to my desk. "I will make time for myself tomorrow. I've got stuff to do today." I thought as I peeled the wrapper back on a second tasty treat. 

Alright... I get it already!!


Linda Medrano said...

Make time for yourself today. And make time for David. Love, Linda

Angie said...

Pfffft David got his time in the limelight last night! He's got a post for Pete's sake! I will however be making time for me! :) I hope you do too. Get some wine and kick back for a nice relaxing weekend woman!

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