Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Conversations

The family reunion is over and everyone has made their way from the homestead back to their own domiciles. I'm sure there is a small part of my parents hearts that misses us already. I'm doubly sure the biggest part of their hearts is singing with joy that they have their home back. We managed to leave them 7 cases of beer and quite a bit of vodka so they will be able to celebrate the silence for weeks on end.

The following is a list of my favorite conversations from the weekend:

Marti (when discussing seeing all the cousins after decades)- "I looked around and I thought, We all look damn good!"

Me (waiting to take pictures)- It's freaking hot out here. Let's get this done. Wasn't someone Photo Shopped into another picture we did? Just take my picture now and Photo Shop it onto some one's body later. I don't care who. Ryan's maybe.
Jeana (pointing to her husband)- C'mon. Don't you want to be on my husband's man meat?
Me (looking at a poor unsuspecting uncle sitting at our table)- I'm so sorry.


Me (referencing my daughter holding her baby cousin in the grand kid picture)- No one look at my daughter holding a baby. Alex don't get any ideas. Zach (boyfriend) LOOK AWAY!
Zach- Don't worry Angie, our baby won't be here for another eight and a half months.
Me- I will kill you.

Denny- Did you look at the back of the Reunion Shirts? Dena, Ryan, Angie, Beckie, Christ, Jeana...
Me- Oh God. There's no "y" on it. She lost the "y" on another shirt when we were little. Well this reunion could use some Christ.


Paul- What do you mean slept together? We're all grown ups here. At this age we want to know if there will be sex and how much it's going to cost. It ALWAYS costs.
Matt- I'm getting married. I am not saying anything. I am a follower now.


From what I can tell everyone had a great time. I don't recall anyone crying, fighting, hitting, screaming, or having to be put in a corner which is sort of outstanding. Bonus, I brought my son home for the next two weeks... during which he will avoid actually spending time with me by hooking up with all of his friends prior to the start of the new school year. It will be so good to have him home for awhile! 


Miss Sassy Pants said...

That Zach has some snark in him.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Your son must be too young to realise that hanging out with you is more fun than seeing his friends. I suppose that will change when you start taking him to titty bars and stuff.

wagthedad said...

After a certain age, it ALWAYS costs. Love it. I wish I could have family reunions like that. Our problem is, half the family doesn't speak to the other half. Then there's the fraction where if you have the Obama book on your bookshelf, they won't talk to you. And if you mention facebook or condoms. And if you drink alcohol. Then there's the other half that insists that bud light is good beer. Dammit, Angie, your family is too functional for me. Maybe I can be photo shopped in as well? Let me know, I will send you an image of my head. The one on top of my neck.

RCB said...

I think wagthedad's right. There's no such thing as a free lunch, breakfast or dinner. It may be tasty, though. Sounds to me like family's an important thing in your life.

Angie said...

He certainly does. That's why I let her keep him. She needs a boyfriend as snarky as she is. They are fun to have around!

OMG you nailed it! I plan to start taking him to titty bars later this week.

We put on a good front. It might actually be that the alcohol numbs the asshole(personality not the body part) in half of us and the other half is actually good decent God fearing people who have their thoughts on our drinking but are too Christian to verbally judge us. :)

My immediate family is for sure. I am planning to leave the area in the next year and it will be difficult when I can't make the drive home on a whim to see my fam.

KayGee said...

I'd like to be adopted, please.

I'll change my name to Christ if it's necessary.

Fred Miller said...

You can have your family reunion here next time if you leave that much beer behind. I'll smoke all the meat.

Angie said...

I will send over the paperwork. There's a wedding in September and I'm the only sibling attending my sister's wedding. We'll need another kid!

Deal and I'll bring the big rolling papers for the meat! LOL

Linda Medrano said...

I'll bring the water pipe. Your family sounds really fun. And, honestly, Angie, they all sound scary normal. How did you turn out so good?

Azra said...

I always find weekends way too short for my liking. But yours sounded like a lot of fun. And that Zach is funny :)

Crystal said...

Sounds like a lot of fun - although it`s never a good weekend unless someone loses an eye, or a nut. We farm folk sure do know how to throw a shindig!!!

Angie said...

So glad we think alike! I am not sure how I got the wild crazy fun gene but I'm keeping it!

It was plenty long by the time it was over!

We do at that! My sister did almost kill herself going down the stairs in heels and I'm sure the kids were almost killed out of frustration a time or two! Does that count?

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