Friday, July 15, 2011

Just An Average Friday Where I'm Asked To Draw Celebrity Peen

Everyone has those days when they wake up and life just seems to go downhill from there. Today is NOT one of those days for me. Sometimes you just KNOW it's going to be a good. For instance, it's FRIDAY! You know what that means? It means that I get to stay up late tonight. It means I get to sleep in tomorrow. I will have completed all required tasks by 8 PM tonight and tomorrow I'm going to catch up on some long neglected items on my To Do list.

-Fill sprayer with Round Up mixture and kill weeds inadvertently annihilate all forms of life in my yard
-Become Fashion Model Victim
-Write best selling dirty limerick
-Attract/Date/Marry a millionaire
-Establish trade relations between the US and Kiribati

But that is NOT why today is a good day, kids. No, the number one indication that today was going to be awesome was when I checked out Gorilla Banana's comments over at the japing ape, in which he asked me to sketch Quentin Tarentino's penis based solely on the description of a fame whore. I would like to state for the record that I've not drawn a penis in perhaps 28 years? Not since I was in grade school I'm sure. Some days it seems like it's been almost that long since I've SEEN a penis.

Regardless, I realize some of you might just think that I'm being pervy when in reality I am just flattered that someone has asked me to entertain them through one of the finer arts. So here I sit at the office, doing my regular work, looking over my shoulder to make sure no one is watching, talking to my mom on the phone (sorry Mom) and sketching. In a moment... I will sneak off to the ladies room with my camera phone and my art work and capture the QT Essence that I have created.

One Moment please...

So there you have it. Not bad in my opinion! By the way, I gave him moles or warts or something because I was just told that 95% of the population over the age of 18 is infected with some STD or another. That # might be wrong, or that could just be office talk.


Steve Bailey said...

Is that to scale?.... cause if it is I feel sorry for Mrs. Tarantino.

Angie said...

I believe it was as to scale as I could represent with my crude skills. I am horrible with proportion. LOL

Gorilla Bananas said...

Hahaha, you one crazy broad!

Your sketching skills are exemplary, but I suspect you have flattered QT. Miss Shah's email (available in the link I gave) expressed utter revulsion for the "chodes of all chodes", and I don't thing you've quite captured her horror. Great picture, nevertheless. I advise any millionaires reading to make you an offer forthwith.

Angie said...


When I am old and smell of moth balls and aspercreme, I plan to regale my great-grandchildren with tales of how during my artist phase, I sketched the penis of one Mr. Quentin Tarentino. I'm sure they will think I am bat-shit crazy.. UNTIL I SHOW THEM THIS!!!

Always Home and Uncool said...

Based on Pulp Fiction, I would have expected to come with cheese.

wagthedad said...

I really dig the veins. Most people would forget them. But do you really think his balls are the same width as his penis is long?

I'm just sayin'. I certainly couldn't draw a penis that awesomely, and I have one. Last I checked, anyway.

Angie said...

Always Home,

Amazingly, I'm going to look at the "cheese" comment and just LMAO and back away... far away.

Angie said...


I was asked to draw it based on a description given by Ms. Shah, so I can only go by what she said. Thank you for complimenting my depiction of veins. I was feeling pretty proud of myself when that little detail flew from my pen. ;)

Fred Miller said...

Proportion is over-rated. That's a beautiful drawing.

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