Saturday, June 18, 2011

Would you go out in public with these people?

I often joke that my daughter dresses like she fell naked into the reject bin at the Goodwill and came out with an ensemble. The above picture was taken after I said, "You dress like a lazy grandma. You would wear a muumuu if you could find one."

Her response, "Oh, whatever! What's a muumuu?" Then she pulled out her iPod to do a search. "Oh, okay. That would look cute with a belt!" Later that night, she disappeared with one of her friends to go to Walmart. This is what happens at 1 AM at the local fine clothing establishments.

To be fair, she does normally put some of the strangest articles of clothing together. Most of the time she comes out looking like a cross between a hippy and a homeless person, but she's rockin' some serious untamed (she can't be bothered) natural curl so its almost like it's meant to be. At 5'3" though... it's got a Mary-Kate and Ashley vibe that comes off as cute or elf-like.

My son has asked me not to comment on his pictures or post anything without his approval on my blog. In order to do that I've been given only a couple of pictures I am allowed to use because there is no way in hell I'm going to let him view this page. Here is how he would like to be known across the internet.
Jacob likes long rides on his Terminator motorcycle. During these rides he picks up chicks in their late 20's or early 30's. Age is just a number to him. He likes 90's house music and the ladies.... oh and pizza. Now for any of you out there that are printing out this picture to use it as a paper doll for dress up, I would recommend you make a blue or yellow hoodie out of construction paper because I've not seen him without one or the other in over a year. Also Paper Doll Jacob would like you to have paper Dr. Pepper on hand too. 

They wonder why I don't take them anywhere. I swear it's 45 minutes for me to get ready for a nice dinner (start to finish), but then it's 20 minutes after I say that I'm ready to go before we leave the house. Generally because I am saying... "Are you going to do something with your hair?" or "Navy blue and cream plaid shorts do NOT go with that Iowa State T shirt, and if I see you wear that shirt again I'm going to burn it." or "Seriously, are those black socks? We're not farmers on vacation. Go change." 

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