Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unicorn horns are loaded with carbs...

Too lazy to get up 15 minutes early I ended up buying my high breakfast from the convenience store this morning. Around 3 PM today, I expect to experience some form of hypertension. On a positive note, I consumed less than 2 carbs with the added benefit of getting a TON of preservatives.

I've been an Avon Rep on and off for nearly 18 years now and thought perhaps my somewhat slower aging process must be attributed to my use of the Anew Skincare regimine. Now, faced with the nutritional labels on the foods I consume, I am convinced I have simply pickled/cured/preserved myself. Now add the Monster LoCarb to the mix and I'm going to live forever!

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to nibble on unicorn horns. Everyone knows unicorns are made of sweetness and light and the sugary part obviously accumulates in that crunchy singular horn. I can, however have unicorn meat!

Tasty Treat

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