Monday, June 6, 2011

My favorite kid conversations 2010-11

First Football Season

Me- What team are you on?

Son- The B Team

Me- Why are you on the B Team?

Son- Because I'm short and I suck. But mostly because I'm short.

On College

Me- So what do you think you want to go to college to be?

Daughter- I don't think college is for me. It really is just a means of stealing your original thoughts. I think I'm more of a free thinking intellectual.

Me- Well be nice to me at the drive thru when I stop to get a sandwich when you're working with the other free thinking intellectuals.

Daughter- God! Why do you always have to do that? You don't know what my life will be like. I'm not going to ruin my life like you did yours!

Me- You are my life. ~smile~

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