Friday, June 17, 2011

Much like Derek Zoolander... I can't go left

Belly dancing is sexy as hell. True story. Tonight, the girls and I made our way to The Butterfly Rainbow Center to meet Ahva Halma, the belly dancing instructor. I hadn't even made it to the front desk to pay when my eye caught the sparkly halter tops and hip skirts. I admit, I have a set at home, but I'm not one to pass up something shiny so I grabbed the black and silver halter and moved to the desk, not even bothering to hide my smile.

As we moved into the studio, I noticed that 3 of the girls already had scarves and hip skirts on. I will admit to being just a little jealous. Ms. Halma offered to let me go change into my new top, but without some sort of support for the twins I felt it would be best left for another day. Chit chat ensued... they are performing at a new restaurant in town, at the multicultural center, for other events in town, and in September they are heading to Las Vegas to perform. At this point I start to feel I am in a little deeper than I planned. Regardless... my girls and I smiled nervously at each other and went to the wall with the big mirrors.

The section of the room with the full mirrors is for beginners. The goal I'm told is to make it easier for us to see how we're moving and better correct our form. In truth, the mirror made me giggle and I found it easier to watch the instructor in the mirror and mimic her actions. I'm sure there are proper names for the things we learned, but for the sake of my first night lets just say I learned to shimmy, shimmy some more, roll my hips, etc. I was totally thinking I had it down until I realized I was channeling Zoolander, and as good as I was at rolling my hips in one direction, I could not get it to look the same going the other direction.

So, in addition to the yard work I have planned for tomorrow... I am going to find a cheap belly dance DVD and practice my stuff before I go back in 2 weeks. If you happen to hear coins jingling in the meantime, that's just me. I'm sort of stoked! Can I still say stoked?

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